How to Power Streaming and Broadcast Graphics with Data

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There are numerous methods for automatically converting raw data into digital on-screen graphics, and this post will show you how.   Gone are the days of live on-screen graphics being reserved for high budget TV stations. Nowadays it’s possible for anyone to display live-data graphics to their audience using publicly available software. This blog will

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How Do Data Graphics Work?

How to Stream Your Church Service to Facebook and YouTube

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Free tools for your church broadcast are out there! Read this to bring your house of worship service online in 3 easy steps!   These are confusing times for all of us. For the first time in history, a society is being asked to move all of its interactions onto digital platforms for the good

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How to use the new Lifestyle Collection

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So, you’ve just gotten the new Lifestyle Template Collection and you’re excited to use it. But how do you use it? And where is it even located? We’ll answer those questions and more today! Soon you’ll be on your way to creating professional, engaging titles for your next project. To locate the Lifestyle Collection, click

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Shift Collection – New Templates for Titler Pro

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Simplicity Meets Versatility. Over 300 Titling Templates for Almost Any Need. Introducing the Shift Collection – our most comprehensive titling template pack yet. Now, get the Shift Collection for free (a $129 value) when you purchase or upgrade to Titler Pro 7. With more than 300 designs made for maximum versatility, this subtle yet striking titling

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Shift Collection

Buzzfeed Levels Up Election Coverage with Titler Live Broadcast

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With the 2020 primaries just months away, many broadcasters are looking for ways to keep their audiences engaged and up-to-date on election nights. The team at Buzzfeed’s daily news show, AM to DM, knows that one of the most important elements in election night success is high end, eye-catching graphics that can be dynamically updated

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Making The Most of Your Editing Time with Titler Pro 7 – Reusable, Scaling Titles

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One of the most common problems I run into as a one-man production team is keeping tabs on all my assets and organizing all of my files, especially while working under tight deadlines. Fortunately, I’ve been able to minimize my struggles with Titler Pro using a simple workflow I can use over and over in most of my projects, saving me headaches and precious billable hours.

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