Introducing WeatherCast: Fast, Comprehensive, Multilingual Weather Graphics

Featured: Live Streaming

Today, we’re excited to introduce WeatherCast, a game-changing tool designed to bring sophisticated, seamless weather reporting to live streaming and broadcasts. NewBlue WeatherCast differentiates itself by showing that integration of real-time, location-specific weather graphics into a professional broadcasting look can be easy and affordable. And, with NewBlue’s reputation for high-quality, professional-grade solutions in broadcast data

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What is Perpetual Maintenance?

Featured: Resources

NewBlue recently introduced a pricing model called “Perpetual Maintenance”. What does this mean? How is this different from subscription?  When you buy a perpetual license from NewBlue, you will always own the product. Forever. It will never expire or be revoked. For the first 12 months after your purchase, you will also receive major upgrades

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Shift Collection – New Templates for Titler Pro

Featured: Resources

Simplicity Meets Versatility. Over 300 Titling Templates for Almost Any Need. Introducing the Shift Collection – our most comprehensive titling template pack yet. Now, get the Shift Collection for free (a $129 value) when you purchase or upgrade to Titler Pro 7. With more than 300 designs made for maximum versatility, this subtle yet striking titling

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Shift Collection

Making The Most of Your Editing Time with Titler Pro 7 – Reusable, Scaling Titles

Featured: How To

One of the most common problems I run into as a one-man production team is keeping tabs on all my assets and organizing all of my files, especially while working under tight deadlines. Fortunately, I’ve been able to minimize my struggles with Titler Pro using a simple workflow I can use over and over in most of my projects, saving me headaches and precious billable hours.

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Color Correction and How ColorFast 2 Can Help

Featured: Color Correction

It’s widely known that marketers use color psychology in their advertising efforts to evoke emotions, influence buyer behavior, and increase sales. But why does this matter for video editing?

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Drone Video Reaches New Cinematic Heights with TotalFX 5

Featured: Quick Fixes

Today’s cinematic drones are capable of some fantastic footage and allow even smaller budget projects to get the same shots you once needed to hire a helicopter to get. Good as it often is, drone footage often needs significant post-production work to bring it up to the desired level of impact, and that’s where NewBlueFX’s TotalFX suite of video effects and tools can be a real time saver.

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Elevate Your Drone Footage with TotalFX 5

NewBlue Prime Effects for AVID Media Composer First

Featured: Resources

Earlier this year, AVID surprised the market with a totally free version of Media Composer, called Media Composer First.  For Media Composer newbies, it’s a great introduction to the Media Composer workflow. What many people don’t know, is that along with Media Composer First, NewBlue has generously provided 17 of our very best effects we

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The NAB 2018 NewBlueFX Survival Guide

Featured: News

As many of you know, the NAB Show brings the video production community together each year for one of the biggest events in the industry, with over 1700+ companies showcasing the latest and greatest products. With so many things to see and do at NAB, it helps to plan ahead. As veteran NAB attendees, the

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NAB 2018


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