Captivate (Titler Live) Sport

Real-time Scores & Dynamic Graphics for Sports

Display real-time scores and highlights with dozens of customizable templates. Get a professional sports look affordably with Captivate Sport.


Bring in gametime data.

Seamlessly connect to your data to create dynamic graphics for any stream or broadcast. With Captivate Sport, you can control your graphics to customize your workflows.

Display scoreboards and statistics.

  • Bring in scoreboard data from Scorebird, DataLink, Stat Crew, or Sportzcast.
  • Stat Crew statistics inputs support football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hockey.

Integrate spreadsheets, XML, and more.

  • Connect to Google Slides and Sheets, Excel spreadsheets and tables, XML files, clocks, and more.
  • Leverage spreadsheet autoplay mode to run-through your lower thirds and crawls.

Achieve network-quality sports graphics.

Captivate Sport delivers dynamic scoreboard graphics to streamline all your high school, college or professional broadcasts. Easily connect to scoreboard data from Daktronics, Stat Crew, Scorebird, or Sportzcast, Direct Serial Data from hardware scoreboards plus access included web controllers for all your games.

Take control with Stream Deck and Bitfocus Companion

Tactile, customizable command

Simplicity of push-button panel control for users who want to perform multiple actions. Get up and running quickly with a host of presets that provide custom-built action stacks.

  • Adaptability to customize your layer playout, navigate multiple channels, toggle layer exclusivity and more, all from outside Captivate.
  • Layer navigation and playout.
  • Navigate and operate layers from your Captivate project with remote controls.
  • Data controller support.
  • Select and playout spreadsheet data with customizable button controls.
  • Build a control surface.
  • Wield Captivate from a control surface emulator or Stream Deck.

Titler Live is great. Got up and running in no time for our first game of the football season.

Ron Wallace
Founder, Ballin Down South Sports Network
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Streamline your workflows.

Captivate Sport features new workflows and controls to help you get started quickly and easily make changes on the fly. Flexibly design, set up, and playout your sports graphics in one complete solution.


Drag and drop included design templates onto your playlist or import your own designs from Adobe Photoshop. Flexibly edit text, color and images right in the Edit/Preview window.


Easily connect scoreboard data to your graphics to streamline your game operations. Drag and drop scoreboard inputs or variables onto any part of a design to repurpose it as you need.

Go live.

Quickly make animated updates to your graphics on the fly. Deliver one live scoreboard or sports graphic on a single channel.

We designed Captivate Sport’s intuitive interface for ease-of-use.

Features and specifications.

  • Control
  • Outputs
  • Inputs
  • Design


Real-time playout

Live animated updates per layer

Hotkey functionality


1 channel

15 total layers

3 simultaneous live layers


SDI key/fill (Blackmagic® and AJA®)



Google Sheets and Slides

Scorebird scoreboards NEW

Direct Serial Data Support from hardware scoreboards NEW

Stat Crew scoreboards

Leaderboards NEW

Daktronics scoreboards

Sportzcast scoreboards



3D animated graphics

Animations, effects & transitions

Adobe Photoshop import

Title Designer interface

Sports & scoreboard packages NEW

Compatibility and requirements.

  • Inputs
  • Software and hardware


Any switcher with NDI inputs

Any keying switcher with HDMI inputs

Any switcher with SDI key/fill inputs (Blackmagic Design and AJA cards)

Software and hardware:

Windows 10 and later
macOS 10.15 and later
M1 Mac supported via Rosetta
Fully Optimized Apple Silicon Support coming soon!

2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)

4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)

1.82 GB drive space for installation
2015 or later
1GB VRAM (2GB+ recommended)
902Mhz base clock (1506Mhz+ recommended)

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Get started with Captivate Sport today.

Monthly Subscription

$69 / month

  • Perfect for seasonal sports.
  • Includes New Features, Fixes, and Support as long as you subscribe.

Annual Subscription

$399 Billed annually.

  • Includes New Features, Fixes, and Support as long as you subscribe.

Perpetual License


  • Forever license.
  • Includes one year of New Features, Fixes, and Support.
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Maintenance Plan

$199 Billed Annually

  • First year is included free with purchase of a perpetual license!
  • Includes new sports templates, new integrations with Stats and Scoring Solutions.
  • Priority support as long as you are enrolled.


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