NewBlue highlights a new Typography Collection

Captivate and enthrall your audience by enhancing their experience with our new Typography Collection in your production. 

These full screen, 3D animations create an in-depth ambience to heighten the viewers senses and establish the scene you want to set for maximum entertainment.  Professional and engaging, each one offers a unique feel for a variety of settings.  This collection is available in Titler Pro 7 Ultimate and TotalFX 360.



See our highlight reel for a full visual or download now:

TotalFX 360 for Win | Mac

Titler Pro 7 Ultimate for Win | Mac




  • Dreadful Dusk adds a sinister look of darkness and intrigue mixing that old western saloon vibe with Bates motel lighting.  Fantastic for use in your mystery, horror, suspense, drama, or documentary.

  • Add a dash of bright and happy with Droplet.  Introduce your photographer, videographer, cast, Host or MC with liveliness and personality.
  • Draw your viewers attention with Focal Point, where you cannot take your eyes off the rotating columns that can overlay any setting, scene or city view.  
  • Half Slice adds a sleek style with an interesting transition to your basic title with slight dimension and movement for a clean modern look.
  • Lock in that science fiction feel with Occular Melt, playing tricks on the eye and sparking dimension of the brain.
  • Introduce your show and spread rumors, we mean News, like nobody’s business with Publicity Stunt. 
  • Solid, simple, and easy on the eye, Reactive Motion Text adds a flexible, geometric shape with opposite transitions to stimulate a strong attractiveness to any intro or Title you are looking to set.
  • Serene Grace adds a higher, softer feel perfect for House of Worship, romantic comedy, inspiration, or the next Bruce Almighty-like comedy you can’t help but highlight complete serenity.
  • Hype it up for some high-speed intensity with Split Shift.  Make your film iconic by taking your viewers to an insane velocity before they’ve had a chance to blink.


By using the new Typography Collection you are inviting your viewers to embark on a journey that you have the power to create for them and NewBlue is here to help make that journey as powerful or impactful as you want it to be right from the beginning to the very end. This collection is available in Titler Pro 7 Ultimate and TotalFX

Download the update now:

TotalFX 360 for Win | Mac

Titler Pro 7 Ultimate for Win | Mac


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