INTRODUCING: Instant Replay for Captivate - A Sports Production Game-Changer

Introducing WeatherCast: Fast, Comprehensive, Multilingual Weather Graphics

Today, we’re excited to introduce WeatherCast, a game-changing tool designed to bring sophisticated, seamless weather reporting to live streaming and broadcasts.

NewBlue WeatherCast differentiates itself by showing that integration of real-time, location-specific weather graphics into a professional broadcasting look can be easy and affordable. And, with NewBlue’s reputation for high-quality, professional-grade solutions in broadcast data controller integration and titling, WeatherCast naturally appeals to professional broadcasters.

WeatherCast seamlessly integrates into the existing Captivate versions of Broadcast, Sport, and Present and offers a unique blend of flexibility and functionality tailored for live broadcast environments.

Conveying accurate, reliable, and engaging weather information is crucial. WeatherCast stands out as a smooth, comprehensive way to seamlessly connect, preview, and deliver, weather information into on-air graphics.

Here’s a quick walk through WeatherCast features and capabilities, showcasing how it can transform your productions.

  1. Quick Intelligent Setup: WeatherCast integrates smoothly with Captivate, eliminating the need for complex import workflows.
  2. Comprehensive Forecasting: Offering daily, hourly, current, and 10-day forecasts, WeatherCast delivers a detailed view of weather patterns, providing the information needed to present effectively.
  3. Weather API for Real-Time Data: WeatherCast retrieve real-time, location-specific weather data from Weather API, ensuring your broadcast features the most current weather information worldwide.
  4. User-Friendly Location Input: Simply input a city name or postal code to access localized weather data.
  5. Multilingual: WeatherCast data is localized in over 50 selectable languages, ensuring appropriate display anywhere in the world.
  6. Dynamic Data Display: Experience real-time data updates across multiple cities with up-to-date, relevant information.
  7. Metric and Non-Metric Measurement Options: Catering to different regional preferences, WeatherCast allows the choice between metric and non-metric units, making the data universally comprehensible.
  8. Interactive Graphics: Select different cities, and watch the data dynamically update your graphics.
  9. Location Sequencing: Set locations and interval for a seamless, automated experience.
  10. Data Customization: Access Over 80 different Weather Variables for Customized Reporting. Feature multiple cities simultaneously or in sequence for flexible weather coverage.
  11. Core Weather Palette: Includes standard graphics for common use cases, from current day to weekly forecast, in two design styles, plus useful options, from a crawl to a subtle weather bug.
  12. Infinitely Configurable: Designed to be easily reconfigured and resized to fit your style.

WeatherCast not only enhances the quality of weather broadcasting but also offers a user-friendly and versatile platform for meteorologists, news anchors, and broadcasters.

Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials on how to make the most of this innovative tool. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to weather reporting, WeatherCast is here to take your work to new heights. Happy broadcasting!

Discover more about WeatherCast on our product page or enhance your skills with our detailed Tutorial.


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