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If you’re a creative, productive person, chances are you’ve come to a point where you realized the tools you were using — software, hardware, hammers, brushes, widgets, what-have-you — weren’t the tools you needed.

And maybe you thought, “If only there were a _______ for this. That’d make my job so much easier.” Well, that’s why we started NewBlue in 2006. We were two filmmakers who set out to make extraordinary things happen despite the ordinary post-production tools available at the time. Sure, it was technically possible to create effects, filters, transitions, or titles worthy of the work we were producing, but it took hours, sometimes days — and often cost more than our production budget would allow. So, we decided to create our own video editing tools and NewBlue was born.

Meet the new NewBlue

Now, a dozen years and nearly a dozen patents later (and after adding more than a dozen employees, too), we’re proud to offer toolkits, plug-ins, and other filmmaker-friendly technology — hundreds of solutions for both the post-production and live broadcast environments — that give video editors and producers time to shine.

NewBluePOST toolkits for post-production

As most video post-production professionals know, the smallest details sometimes make the biggest difference…and not always in a good way. A high-quality, professional video can be torpedoed by a low-quality title or transition.

Thankfully, NewBluePOST toolkit makes delivering the details an easier, speedier undertaking. Our proven toolkit gives you an arsenal of aesthetic enhancements (such as transition effects, image filters and titling) and provides essential editing features (such as image stabilization, streamlined compositing and color touch-ups). And NewBluePOST plugins seamlessly integrate your NLE with ease.

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NewBlueLIVE for streaming and broadcasting

Crunchtime is no time for a learning curve, which is why NewBlueLIVE solutions are as intuitive as they are impactful. Designed for live broadcast producers, NewBlueLIVE brings you a time-saving, cost-effective way to deliver premium content and enhance your programming with professional graphics, titles and animations — in real-time.

NewBlueLIVE’s responsive, versatile solutions empower broadcasters of all kinds to dynamically queue crawls and lower thirds directly from a spreadsheet, stream polling info and audience comments, connect to scoreboard data and web stats, and much more.

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Integrated with the best, used by the best.

A core value deeply embedded in every solution we deliver — and really every step we take — is to play well with others. Because we know how important seamless integration of video technologies can be to every project. NewBlue products are built to work well within, alongside, and in perfect harmony with the tools you use every day, whether they’re plugins you purchase directly or solutions that we bundle with our partners.

We are proud to have years-long partnerships with these industry leaders:

We’ve come a long way since our founding over a decade ago. And though our technology continually grows stronger, one thing remains steadfast: Our unwavering commitment to cut both complexities and costs, and give you — and every broadcaster and video editor — hundreds of solutions for both the post-production and live broadcast environments that give you time to shine.


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