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Production-grade effects, titling, and transitions.

Don't sweat the details. With TotalFX, Titler Pro, and more, NewBluePOST offer hundreds of effects, transitions, and titling solutions. Your video never looked so good, so fast.


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NewBlue Titler Pro 7 makes it easier than ever to create high-quality, next-level 3D-animated titles and graphics.

  • Discover hundreds of customizable template designs and animations, right out-of-the-box.
  • Add custom video titles directly within your NLE for an intuitive workflow.
  • Intelligent controls and powerful productivity aids save critical production time.
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Leave the heavy lifting to NewBlue Essentials with quick fixes for time-consuming tasks. What used to take days now takes minutes.

  • Discover over 20 tailor-made tools designed to easily tackle specific everyday challenges.
  • Achieve rapid results on critical fixes like image stabilization, one-touch color correction, skin touch up and more.
  • Explore simplified controls and optimized UI for fast, focused work.
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NewBlue Transitions’ rich, broad suite of transitions effects ensures that every cut you make is clean, compelling and advances your narrative.

  • Transition your audience from scene to scene with light, color and motion.
  • Leverage over 65 versatile plugins to add 3D motion, color morphs, motion blurs and more.
  • Start with any of the more than 500 preset looks, then customize to give your scenes that perfect energy and rhythm.
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Simplify your multi-step compositing tasks with over 250 presets in 21 powerful plugins.

  • Discover fast and accurate chroma key with simple, easy to understand controls.
  • Layer images together in minutes to tell your complex stories without tedious workflows.
  • Add creative outlines, video overlays, auto pan, cut-aways and more
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Quickly perfect the tone and color of your footage with over 250 presets in 27 powerful video filters and effects.

  • Deliver primary and secondary color correction in a single, time-saving workflow with ColorFast 2.
  • Set your desired tone with hundreds of stunning preset looks.
  • Leverage natural looks to create your visual language from film color and grain to light leaks and gradients.
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The NewBlue Stylizers’collection of 35 video effects plugins and over 400 preset aesthetic effects make even the most mundane footage magical.

  • Transform your footage with brilliant effects of color, light and motion.
  • Inject energy into your project with a variety of motion blurs and distortion effects.
  • Instantly get a creative comic book look with Cartoonr Plus.
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NewBlue TotalFX offers our most comprehensive collection with more than 1,500 presets in 177 time-saving plugins.

More about NewBluePOST.

As most video post professionals know, the smallest details can make the biggest difference… and not always in a good way. High-quality, professional video can suffer at the hands of a low-quality title or transition. NewBluePOST products make getting the right details easier and faster.

Our time-tested and professionally designed plugins accelerate and simplify aesthetic enhancements (such as transition effects, image filters, video overlays, and titling) and provide essential editing features (such as image stabilization, streamlined compositing, and color touch-ups) every editor needs. NewBluePOST plugins seamlessly integrate into Adobe Premiere Pro and other NLEs, slashing the amount of time it takes to create premium content and empowering you to easily respond to production changes and customer requests. Take both your editing work and audience satisfaction to new heights with NewBluePOST.


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