Titler Live 5.6 Update: Connect real-time sports data to visually stunning graphics in new ways.

Driven by industry emerging needs and your requests, Titler Live 5.6 Sport and Broadcast editions deliver powerful new integrations, refreshing new content, and valuable new features, all designed to elevate the quality and capability of your live sports productions.

Titler Live 5.6 also introduces a brand new integration with Easy Worship exclusive to Titler Live Present and Broadcast. This new data controller allows for scriptures, lyrics, and readings from your church service to be displayed as beautifully designed real-time graphics.

New Features

• New integration with Easy Worship. Exclusive to Titler Live Present and Broadcast.
• Introduced integration with Scorebird data service via data controller. This includes
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, and Wrestling.
• Now supporting Wrestling and Tennis data for Sportzcast.
• Introduced Leaderboard data controller designed for XML files that contain rows of data
typical for racing leaderboards and rosters.
• Titler Live can now parse data directly from a hardware scoring console from its serial
port for Daktronics, Fairplay, and OES.
• Updated Scoreboard Tool Baseball to 2.0 version.
• Updated Scoreboard Tool Basketball to 2.0 version.
• Updated Scoreboard Tool Football to 2.0 version.
• Updated Scoreboard Tool Hockey to 2.0 version.
• Updated Scoreboard Tool Soccer to 2.0 version.
• Updated Scoreboard Tool Volleyball to 2.0 version.
• Added Scoreboard Tool Lacrosse.
• Introduced new game event alerts to all Scoreboard Tool 2.0 data controllers.
Note: New features related to sports data integrations and graphics are exclusive to Titler Live Sport and Broadcast.

Bug Fixes

• Unified data variable names across all scoreboard data controllers. This includes
Scoreboard Tool, Sportzcast, Hardware Scoreboard, and Scorebird.
• Improved the reliability of digits being displayed from clocks and scores with Sportzcast
data controllers.
• Sportzcast Volleyball data controller now supports Game Count data.
• Statcrew Scoreboard and Statcrew Stats controllers fixed to successfully read files after
they’ve been updated with new stats.
• Cache list now indicates on/off for the current status of visibility variables.


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