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How to Plan a Successful Live Stream Event in 5 Easy Steps

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How do you plan a lives stream with guaranteed success? Spoiler Alert: These tips will help you host your event on a digital platform and keep your audience engaged from start to finish!   Traditionally, the use of live streaming events has been limited to online seminars (known as webinars), but today, many organizations are

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How to Plan a Successful Live Stream in 5 Easy Steps

20 Common Live Streaming Terms

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Since the beginning of the tech boom, media has been captivating us for centuries. From television, to cameras, smart phones, and more, visual medium is a large factor in how we experience the world. Live streaming arrived at the perfect time. Live streaming is a specific type of streaming that is broadcast at the same time it is recorded. Live streaming empowers everyone at any skill level with the ability to broadcast video over the internet in real time.   Now

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Video Storytelling In 2021

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Creating In A Covid Era Video has changed the way we experience content now more than ever. Live content creation in the 21st century has skyrocketed as streaming classes, events, products, brand stories, and in-person industries have all had to pivot and enhance their programming by embracing on the fly live video production during these

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4 Tips for Powering Election Poll Graphics That Captivate

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If you cover the elections in your live stream, up-to-date graphics are a vital component of election broadcasts. Here’s what you need to know:   If you are covering the election, keeping your audience informed with up-to-the-minute information is a necessity. The prevalence of breaking news stories and the volatility of poll results creates a

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OBS Alternatives For Live Streaming

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OBS is a great live streaming resource, but there are several alternatives that shine in ease-of-use, production quality, and in some cases – price. Producing a live streamed show, class, conference, or other event has increasingly become a necessity during the COVID-19 crisis. But just as it was even before the crises began, those looking

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