NewBlue Captivate: A new and improved Titler Live

NewBlue, Inc. a leading provider of video production tools, is proud to announce the upcoming release of Titler Live’s 5.7 update, now renamed as NewBlue Captivate. This latest update marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the NewBlue Live product line, bringing a host of innovative features designed to empower content creators and revolutionize live video production. 

For existing customers with perpetual licenses and subscriptions, the transition to Captivate begins with the upcoming release of Titler Live 5.7. This transition is seamlessly integrated into your active Titler Live 5 monthly or annual subscription and perpetual maintenance plans, provided at no additional cost. 

Key Features of NewBlue Captivate: 

Streamlined User Interface

NewBlue Captivate provides a streamlined broadcasting experience, enabling users to focus on the essentials while delivering visually stunning productions. With a minimal crew, creators can amplify their impact and effortlessly captivate their audience. 



Camera Switching

Effortlessly switch between multiple video sources with the dedicated window designed exclusively for video switching operations. NewBlue Captivate puts the power of camera switching at your fingertips, making it simple to create dynamic and engaging live video experiences. 




Enhance your production’s visual appeal with captivating camera switch transitions. NewBlue Captivate utilizes the NewBlue’ graphic designer to infuse your content with a variety of effect transitions, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewing experience that keeps your audience immersed. 



Shot Layouts

Elevate your production by incorporating multiple graphics, camera switches, transitions, and other production elements into dynamic “shot layouts.” With NewBlue Captivate, effortlessly navigate your production’s rundown and deliver flawless viewer experiences that leave a lasting impression. 



Zoom & Microsoft Teams Integration

Simplify event planning with seamless integration. Gather guests from popular virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams and showcase them in visually impressive picture-in-picture graphics, overlays, or full-screen layouts. Streamline and enhance your event experience with cutting-edge visual presentations that captivate your audience. 



Visualize Data for Zoom Productions

Enhance your Zoom based productions with the power of data integration. Retrieve essential data such as names, speaker information, and chat comments from Zoom, and seamlessly incorporate it into your corperate production visuals. With NewBlue Captivate, create a fusion of information and graphics that delivers a personalized and engaging experience, taking your production to new heights. 



RTMP Streaming

NewBlue Captivate eliminates the need for third-party applications by providing a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for RTMP streaming through industry leading platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Switchboard Live. Enhance your streams and unleash your creativity to achieve exceptional results while simplifying your workflow and maximizing resources.


See full release notes below:

New Features

  • Update to NewBlue Captivate.
  • Expanded ‘Ceramic’ graphic templates to support new functionality.
  • Added new ‘Diametric’ graphic templates to library.
  • Added new ‘Summit’ graphic templates to library.
  • Implemented live camera switching.
  • Add effect and graphic transitions between camera sources.
  • Incorporate multiple graphics, camera switches, transitions, and more into shot layouts.
  • Add Zoom or Teams meeting participants as live Audio and Video sources.
  • Visualize data from Zoom, such as chat comments, meeting details and participant names.
  • Added top-bar console and many improvements to the UI.
  • Supports RTMP streaming.

Bug Fixes

  • Save As ‘Project with Assets’ now saves full PNG sequences.
  • Editing a gradient no longer affects other attributes.
  • Corrected ‘Time Outs Left’ label in Scoreboard Tool: Football.
  • Vectors with transparency import correctly.
  • Solved render hang when two or more AE Compositions are rendered simultaneously.
  • Crawl text no longer fails to render when text fit mode is changed.
  • Fixed uninstallers for Mac M1 machines.
  • Hotkeys continue working after saving and reopening a project.
  • Buttons now appear consistently in various tabs of the Properties panel.



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