Media.Monks unleashes creativity with Titler Live Broadcast—global production edition.

Meet Media.Monks

Media.Monks is a digital-first marketing and advertising services company that connects content, data & digital media and technology services across one global team built from the bottom up. Inspired by the connectivity and flexibility of technology APIs, a single-P&L model offers clients seamless access to a nearly 6,000-strong team of multidisciplinary digital talent organized across 57 talent hubs in 33 countries. Media.Monks partners with 8 out of the 10 most innovative companies in the world and many up-and-coming DTC and B2B brands, helping them own their data and build out customer ecosystems to elicit smart, efficient, high-impact engines for growth. In 2021, the Media.Monks brand integrated by merging MediaMonks and MightyHive, bringing together the best entrepreneurial and innovative companies worldwide, named to Adweek’s Fastest Growing lists (2019, 2020, 2021), AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players (2020, 2021) and numerous “best places to work” lists. In addition to holding a record number of FWA and other industry awards, Media.Monks has been regularly recognized at the Cannes Lions and Webby Awards, in 2021 as Webby Production Company of the Year. Media.Monks is owned by London-based S4Capital (SFOR.L), the publicly-traded new age/new era advertising and marketing services company established by Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell in 2018.



Does Media.Monks do a lot of live production? 

The Media.Monks Broadcast and Solutions team is laser focused on live production. Media.Monks operates with 57 talent hubs across the globe as one united production ecosystem, and a single P&L. They work with the  best partners in production to host live events at select studio locations when needed. Never tied to a specific geographical location, Media.Monks operates efficiently through a decentralized workflow. This allows them to be highly mobile, with low latency media, and seamlessly communicate remotely across time zones. Media.Monks accelerated their remote workflow to increase their culture and diversity from  being largely dependent on geography, to one that is centered around diverse talent. Media.Monks has the flexibility to pull off captivating live productions for their clients, work with extraordinary creatives, and the opportunity to unleash unlimited design possibilities. 


How does Media.Monks use Titler Live 4 Broadcast in their clients’ work? 

It all started when the Broadcast and Solutions team needed to swiftly turn a broadcast full of graphic titling into virtual reality. Media.Monks quickly needed a solution amidst strict pandemic safety protocols including limited onsite crew regulations. They needed dynamic graphics at high resolution—60 frames a second, 4k resolution, and they needed all of it to be cloud-based. With many caveats, a short turnaround time, and no playbook for a project like this, the Media.Monks Broadcast and Solutions team researched a solution and discovered NewBlue. The needs of the project included real-time scoreboard data graphics to be ultra dynamic and high quality. Media.Monks couldn’t find anything comparable to what Titler Live 4 Broadcast could offer. Collaborating with NewBlue on an innovative solution, Media.Monks uses a combination of their in-house developed software along with NewBlue’s high-quality motion graphics. 


What does Media.Monks like most about working with Titler Live 4 Broadcast? 

Having a complex live streaming workflow means reliability is critical and NewBlue delivers just that. Titler Live 4 Broadcast helps Media.Monks showcase dynamic scoring, text, and image graphics across their clients’ projects. Using Titler Live 4 Broadcast gives them the ability to be nimble with low latency over the internet. Plus, the ease of use and the simplification of connecting real-time data is key. The NewBlue team helped train Media.Monk’s graphics operators on how to use the software which allowed them to innovate and move in a nimble fashion. 

“We’re looking to do the next best thing in the most interesting and innovative way, because we want to move the needle forward. NewBlue helps us maintain a Swiss Army Knife suite of software tools we have available to our teams. Titler Live 4 Broadcast is included in that toolset,” describes Lewis Smithingham, Director of Creative Solutions at Media.Monks. 


What other software and hardware does Media.Monks use with Titler Live 4 Broadcast? 

Media.Monks Broadcast and Solutions team is equipped for live production success using in-house tool LiveXP, along with  Nimble, Viz Vectar, vMix, Unity Intercom, Touch Designer, OBS, HiVision, and 46 cloud-connected computers to accomplish workflow set up—along with two dedicated machines each running Titler Live 4 Broadcast.


To learn further about how Media.Monks uses Titler Live graphics, read more here.

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