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Stylizers 5 Ultimate

Transform live footage into extraordinary alternate realities with these 35 powerful plugins. Drawing inspiration from a rich array of artistic styles and enhanced by advanced digital motion and light processing, Stylizers power the creation of stunning visuals.


Explore the all-inclusive Stylizers toolkit.

The NewBlue Stylizers 5 collection offers an array of 35 video effects plugins and over 400 presets that instantly transform your footage with a broad selection of energetic and colorful looks.

Infuse your unique style.

Transform your footage in dozens of ways to give it your very own style. Save time with hundreds of presets and a handy template-based workflow.


What's included.

Stylizers 5 Ultimate includes our entire suite of Stylizers products, including Cartoonr Plus and the Stylizers Illuminate, Excite, and Imagine plugin collections.

  • Cartoonr Plus
  • Illuminate
  • Excite
  • Imagine

Cartoonr Plus

Give Your Footage A Comic Book Look
Emulate rich cell animation and transform your footage into an animated cartoon.

Preset Looks For Instant Results
Choose from a variety of preset looks to give you a quick start.
Easy Customization
The simple, native controls make it easy to customize any effect to fit your needs.


Spinning Light
Add dimensional illumination to the center of your image and give your footage a hypnotic edge.

Light Bender
Play with the radiation and highlights of your original image to create curved flares and shifts in movement into the next scene.

Light Rays
Simulate dramatic light with angled beams that flicker throughout the image to create a powerful sense of illumination.

Psycho Strobe
Generate bright flashes and colored light to amplify any movement or action, heightening the suspense of your video.
Glow Pro
Apply a quick atmospheric change in seconds. Simulate fog, melting liquids or adjust the preset parameters to create your own weather.

Neon Lights
Apply glowing light outlines to your object edges. Adjust glow and shimmer or mix controls to find the perfect look.

Accentuate the highlight areas of your image with specks of rotating light for a shimmery, whimsical effect.

RGB Shift
Separate the red, green and blue elements within an image to create an edgy look.
Add a unique ambiance to your project. Create realistic, natural lighting such as firelight or reflecting water.

Halovision Plus
Recreate the look of bokeh lighting with Halovision Plus by adding a halo of light around objects in your image.

Replace original colors with golds, silvers, chromes, and coppers to make your footage look as if it were hammered out of metal.


Paper Collage
Easily remake your footage into layers of colored strata to create living decoupage.

Use distortion effects to fog your image and give it a sense of eeriness.

Motion Blur
Give the impression of movement by blurring and blending object location differences from frame to frame.
Create a series of concentric circles to mimic the effect of rippling water over your image.

Inject energy and seismic motion into your story by adding a handheld feel to your footage. Blur, jolt and rattle your original footage to simulate the motion of an earthquake.

Spin Blur
Add a hypnotic spiral to your video by creating a series of circles with concentric centers that rapidly spin and move across the screen.
Zoom Blur
Dramatically pull into video, creating the effect that you’re flying into the screen. Lengthen light rays and create a streaking portal in just a few clicks.

Recreate antique or futuristic tiled backgrounds.

Rolling Waves
Add energy and motion to your footage by simulating the effect of water washing over your scene.
Shear Energy
Create a shear, blended motion effect by blurring the image on two axes.

Distort the objects and colors in your footage with blurred lines and simulated camera movements.

Make objects in your video shake and twist with a fun-house mirror style.


Transform your footage into a moving piece of art. Adjust color, shading and blending to create your own unique style.

Color Melt
Expand, soften, and blend the colors of your image to create a bright, lava lamp look.

Line Drawing
Convert your image into a series of dots and lines, darkening the edges of the objects in your picture.
Water Color
Soften colors and blur edges of objects to give the smooth, fluid look of an animated watercolor painting.

Transform your footage into an oil painting using virtual paintbrushes and adjustable colors.

Pastel Sketch
Transform your footage into a pastel painting. Use color replacement and inked edges to replace the reality of your footage with a hand-drawn sketch.
Pencil Rubbing
Emulate a moving piece of art by virtually sketching over objects in your video.

Convert your footage into a drawing with the rough lines of a charcoal sketch. Unlike real charcoal, use any color you like.

Air Brush
Airbrush your footage by smoothing colors while maintaining sharp edges.
Hand Drawn
Create dark lines layered over vibrant colors, transforming your video into a hand-drawn sketch.

Create a colorful abstract painting out of your video.

Compatibility and requirements.

  • Compatibility
  • Software and Hardware

Compatible with the following programs:

Adobe After Effects CC or later

Adobe Premiere CC*
*may require update to latest version

NewBlue Titler Pro 2+

Avid Media Composer & Symphony 8+

Magix Vegas Pro 17+, Magix Video Pro X, Magix Movie Studio 18+

Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 15+

Grass Valley EDIUS 9 & X*
*Effects and transitions performance in Edius are not real-time.

Software and hardware:

macOS 10.15 and later
Windows 10

A recent Nvidia or AMD GPU that supports OpenGL 2.1 or later. 1 GB VRAM is required. 4 GB VRAM is recommended when working with HD content.

Supports 64-bit video editing applications only.


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