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Drone Video Reaches New Cinematic Heights with TotalFX 5

Today’s cinematic drones are capable of some fantastic footage and allow even smaller budget projects to get the same shots you once needed to hire a helicopter to get. Good as it often is, drone footage often needs significant post-production work to bring it up to the desired level of impact, and that’s where NewBlueFX’s TotalFX 5 suite of video effects and tools can be a real time saver.

TotalFX 5 is NewBlueFX’s comprehensive suite of creative video plugin effects containing over 1,400 effects, presets, templates, and tools with 129 plugins engineered to work effortlessly within your workflow; saving a considerable amount of time while giving a whole new level of creative possibilities.

Renowned videographer and drone pilot Philip Hinkle recently made a short video of some drone footage he shot over a farm in Wisconsin and used TotalFX 5’s super-powers to really make the footage pop. He not only shows the transformation of the raw video into a well-polished production but shows how he did it with TotalFX 5’s plugins working within Adobe Premiere Pro.

What TotalFX 5 tools did he use?

  • Custom titles created with the Title Designer;
  • Removed camera wobble with NewBlueFXs Stabilizer;
  • Remove the shadow of the drone showing in footage using the garbage matte chroma-key effect;
  • Graded colors with Film Color’s Vignette filter;
  • Transitions done nicely with the RGB Shift, Shake, and Glow transitions.

The footage goes from so-so to highly professional in just a few clicks instead of spending hours and hours manually manipulating endless NLE settings to achieve the same result. TotalFX 5’s suite of plugins offers thousands of different presets, looks, effects, and super-useful tools that transform raw footage into cinematic gold.

Purchased separately, you’d spend over $1,900.00 on the 6 Ultimate packages, however, TotalFX 5 is affordably priced and gives you the entire suite. What now? Head on over to the TotalFX 5 product page to learn more and download the free trial version and see for yourself how powerful this suite of effects really is.  TotalFX 5 is also available as a flexible and affordable subscription, click HERE for more information.


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