What is Perpetual Maintenance?

NewBlue recently introduced a pricing model called “Perpetual Maintenance”. What does this mean? How is this different from subscription? 

When you buy a perpetual license from NewBlue, you will always own the product. Forever. It will never expire or be revoked. For the first 12 months after your purchase, you will also receive major upgrades (e.g. new features) for no extra cost (in addition to minor updates). 

To continue receiving these major upgrades/new features after the first year, you will need to pay an annual Perpetual Maintenance fee. This fee will be lower than the upfront cost of the perpetual license. 

Subscription is different in that it has a lower upfront cost but needs to be renewed each year (at the same low cost). If the annual renewal fee is not paid the license stops working.

An example of Subscription vs. Perpetual Maintenance is shown below using Titler Live Present:

  • Annual subscription: $299 every 12 months.
  • Perpetual license: $799 upfront fee. After 12 months, the Perpetual Maintenance fee is $199 annually.


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