Making The Most of Your Editing Time with Titler Pro 7 – Dynamic Timeline Control

Making Titling Easier with Full, Dynamic Timeline Control


In our fast-paced editing environments, where changing and replacing assets at the drop of a hat is more important than ever, having a quick solution for last minute graphic changes is very important.

I can’t say how many times I’ve had to re-animate or re-render my titles in the middle of a project, whether it’s a client requesting changes at the last minute or a sporadic change in production.



Titler Pro’s Elastic Timeline and playback controls have saved me a lot of time when working under these conditions, especially when I need to re-time a title without needing to rework an animation or go through a lengthy render process.

All I have to do is open a title in my timeline, set my desired duration in Titler’s timeline and close my Title to automatically have my template scale to the desired time.

Titler behaves this way when used in Adobe Premiere and Vegas. Trimming the title’s length in the timeline in EDIUS and AVID will get the same results.



This process makes it really convenient to precisely adjust for longer talking head interviews or location names when needed.

Before I familiarized myself with this process, I would have to resort to clever tricks like slowing down animations in premiere by retiming them or having to revert back to static titles.



It’s also a very easy process to understand. What Titler Pro does, is that it allows you to pick a pause point as a reference in your template’s timeline, then it compensates for the extra time by pausing on the pause point to account for the difference in time during playback.

This means that you can easily select a spot on the titler timeline where your title has no animation. This is a godsend, as I can keep the animations I worked so hard on in my templates without compromising the mood of my videos, any animations or anything at all.



Most of my custom templates have animations during the start and end, meaning that almost all of my titles can be as long or as short as I want. This is an unprecedented feature that has changed my editing workflow for the best.

All of Titler Pro’s templates are by default compatible with this feature, so you can fire it up and give it a go.


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