VIEWFINDER: No More Importing Camera Overlays!


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Viewfinder: No More Importing Camera Overlays!

  • Multiple Presets Make Build-Your-Own Overlays A Thing Of The Past
  • Instant Camera Grids In One Drop-Down
  • Grids, Record Indicator, Battery Level, Preset-able Digital Counter All In One Action


Your show has a ton of shots needing to look like surveillance footage, CCTV or targeting cameras.  Previously you either had to find and import a preexisting grid overlay, or create your own screen elements such as record lights, elapsed time counter or day/date readouts…in addition to battery power level, or you have to create the overlay in After Effects and reimport into your editor…only problem is: You don’t have After Effects. What are you going to do now?


Drop Viewfinder onto your timeline and instantly have everything you need for realistic and customizable camera overlays at the click of a selector. Need to simulate a cheap camera? Click! Night Vision? Click!! Bomb site? Click!!!  It’s as quick and close as a preset. Turn on (or off) the variable elapsed time counter (presetable), record light, battery power indicator, safe area grid, center focus box, even add a drop shadow for readability.

In addition, if you need additional data displays overlayed on to this, such as a countdown, the Time Clock plugin can be employed and gives you a fully repositionable numerical display.

Your background video can also be processed to pixelate, be tinted and given a realistic sharpening effect – all within your editor without having to go to a third-party app and without having to reinvent the wheel by laboriously rebuilding your own overlays yet once again.


Viewfinder is part of our Elements 3 Alpha Blend and Elements 3 Ultimate collections.


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