ACTIVE CAMERA: You Want Fries With That Shake?


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Active Camera: You Want Fries With That Shake?

  • Realistic Shaky Camera Simulation with Lots of Control
  • Dial In Degree and Frequency of Movement



You’ve seen it before: the script calls for an earthquake in the middle of a scene and you have to simulate it. Or you have to fake a handheld camera shake. Usually, you’d have to do cumbersome and tedious keyframing and shot repositioning or other equally time-consuming tricks…and even then it might not look quite right and you have to do it again.



Used in primetime shows, Active Camera is a pretty powerful answer when you need the shakes. With a number of presets emulating everything from drunken stumbling to out and out mass destruction, dropping this on your clip will give you tremendous control and create a realistic simulation. Sliders control all your shake parameters from your horizontal and vertical position to movement rates, jitters and hold. In addition, the motion blur effect adds to the realism by introducing subtle dissolves in between frames. Another NewBlue drop-on, Earthquake can also provide realistic simulations, albeit without the full latitude of controls.


Active Camera is part of our Elements 3 Energize and Elements 3 Ultimate collections.


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