LIGHT LEAK: Great, Contemporary Styling in a Flash…of Light


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Light Leak: Great, Contemporary Styling in a Flash…of Light

  • Hassle-Free, Large Variety, Easily Customizable
  • More Control Than Overlays Offer
  • Control All Aspects Including Timings



You have a very stylized show and your producer is stuck on having to use light leaks in the production (just like everyone else is doing) but is undecided on how they should look and wants to be able to change things like speed, color and texture as his  whims dictate or the mood calls for. You hmm and haw and move around nervously and then…



Dropping Light Leak onto the well-shot images opens up a door to a huge array of possibilitiesVery popular in all sorts of productions, you’ll have a lot of fun with this tool while adding that big-budget look.

With both synthesized and actual light leak modeling employed, the variety and subtleties give you countless options.  You control the speed, color, size, intensity and angle without having to use time-killing overlays and tweaking controls. You control when the light leaks appear and disappear. Blend modes give you tremendous control and a natural,  organic look. While there are video overlay light leaks available, this is so much easier to control. And it’s simple to tweak and save your variations. Rendering is quick and you’ll be out of the edit in no time.




Light Leak is part of our Filters 5 Refocus and Filters 5 Ultimate collections.


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