Titler Live 5.4 update and a new After Effects integration released for Broadcast.

Titler Live 5.4 update and a new After Effects integration released for Titler Live 5 Broadcast. 

November 18, 2022 

Today we released a free update to Titler Live 5 – available free for Titler Live 5 customers. This v5.4 update introduces direct After Effects import for fast, uncompromised, import and playout of your After Effects projects and Motion Graphics Templates (MOGRT) designs. 

The new update includes: 

  • Titler Live 5 Broadcast now directly imports After Effects projects or MOGRT files into a Titler Live project as a layer. All original animations and aesthetics, designed within After Effects, are uncompromised after import. 
  • Connect real-time data to After Effects projects or MOGRTs with our data controllers.  
  • Update real-time data visually while After Effects designs are live on-air. 
  • Manipulate all MOGRT properties from Titler Live 5. Create your graphics templates as you always do, using AE, and then modify all properties from the TL5 UI. 
  • Sync pause points and time protected regions to achieve precise playback control of AE projects in live productions. 
  • Titler Live seamlessly adapts your AE composition size and frame rate upon import for perfect playout within your project. 
  • All editions of Titler Live 5 will now have Multi-Entry renamed to Cache List with enhanced functionality to store rendered data from the Live Data workspace or spreadsheet data controllers.  
  • Introducing new Microsoft Teams data controllers to Broadcast and Present for chat messages and contact information.  
  • NewBlue is committed to improving your experience using Titler Live by providing 30 bug fixes and UX improvements for all editions of Titler Live 5. 

Some notable bug fixes and UX improvements included in this update are:  

  • Google Sheets controller loads properly.
  • Line breaks in XLSX files are now being read in the Spreadsheets controller.
  • ‘Action Modes’ have been reintegrated.
  • Fixed render performance for graphics with many variables.
  • Resolved GPU leak with video input devices.
  • No artifacts in NDI output when sending more than one channel.
  • NDI video sources with alpha composite correctly.
  • NDI Live Video sources no longer hold on the last frame.
  • Animations from the former ‘Fluid’ and ‘Kinetic’ packs are now available in Designer.
  • Transitions from the former ‘Fluid’ and ‘Kinetic’ packs are now available in Designer.
  • In Designer the library loading dialog is no longer blank white on first load.
  • Vectors import correctly into Designer.
  • Cross Fade looping is now supported.
  • Designer dimensions now match Titler Live project dimensions on first launch.
  • Graphics aspect ratios are no longer affected by Titler Live project settings.
  • Graphics no longer re-render after they are opened and closed in Designer without modifications.
  • Updated ‘Carbon’ graphics.
  • Fixed data graph variables in ‘Orbit Bar Graph’.
  • Framerate and resolution are always accurate in the Program Monitor.
  • Statcrew Scoreboard and Statcrew Stats now read the latest XML data when the XML file updates.
  • Previews no longer fail after updating data in graphics with more than one variable.
  • Loops continue working after modifying the associated data controller.
  • OBS output does not also stream to Virtual Webcam.
  • Media clips and live video layers no longer play instantly in ‘Auto’ mode.
  • Titler Live projects no longer fail to load if they contain broken media links.
  • Picture-in-picture sources are saved when projects are closed.
  • Titler Live will not crash when opening a project with different settings than the open project.
  • Complete PNG sequences are now saved with Titler Live projects.

Read our press release to find out what NewBlue and Adobe have to say about Titler Live’s 5.4 update. 

NewBlue is dedicated to sustaining a robust environment for its users. Any feedback or issues reported to our support department are examined to meaningfully improve our software 

We will continue to listen to your feedback and use it to guide our development and further the capabilities of the After Effects integration.  

This free Titler Live v5.4 update can be downloaded here.
The new After Effects integration for Titler Live 5 Broadcast requires a licensed copy of After Effects updated to the current version. 



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