Titler Live 5 Broadcast

Top-of-the-line, high value broadcast graphics.

Experience our most powerful video overlay software yet. With 16 channels of visually appealing data, live graphics, and custom API integration, Titler Live 5 Broadcast shines.


Take Control with Stream Deck and Bitfocus Companion

Tactile, Customizable Command of Your Live Productions

Simplicity of push-button panel control for users who want to perform multiple actions. Get up and running quickly with a host of presets that provide custom-built action stacks.

  • Adaptability to customize your layer playout, navigate multiple channels, toggle layer exclusivity and more, all from outside Titler Live 5.
  • Layer navigation and playout.
  • Navigate and operate layers from your Titler Live project with remote controls.
  • Data controller support.
  • Select and playout spreadsheet data with customizable button controls.
  • Build a control surface.
  • Wield Titler Live from a control surface emulator or Stream Deck.

NEWAdobe After Effects Importer

Now with version 5.4 open After Effects projects directly in Titler Live 5 Broadcast! Connect live data controllers, from scoreboards to spreadsheets. Watch the fields in your graphics animate individually as they change in real time, just the way you designed them to. You can update a graphic's variables live and have After Effects render them, or cache your graphics for use on a production machine without After Effects.

Titler Live 5 Adobe After Effects integration gives you a new powerful way to create new high-end graphics, make use of existing AE projects, or just design graphics in a tool that you are more familiar with!

A New Way to Bring After Effects Designs Into Titler Live

The Titler Live After Effects importer is a new, powerful way to bring motion graphics from AE into your live production.

  • Plug-and-play AEP/MOGRT layers in TL5 or configure sophisticated interactions with minimal setup.
  • Play AE graphics on-air exactly how they look and feel in AE.
  • Update animated text and other AE graphic properties while the layer is on-air and via TL5’s data controllers.

Live graphics for every market.

Titler Live 5 Broadcast delivers affordable, broadcast-quality graphics and video overlays for television stations, sporting events, businesses, classrooms, event production studios, religious gatherings, town halls, virtual meetings, and more.

Electrify your broadcast with dynamic visuals.

Titler Live 5 Broadcast delivers unlimited layers of dynamic 3D animated graphics, including broadcast lower thirds, crawls, bugs, transitions, and scoreboards. Streamline your workflows and instantly elevate your production value with a more powerful, intuitive and affordable live broadcast graphics solution for sports, live media, corporate events, and more.

Titler Live is great. Got up and running in no time for our first game of the football season.

Ron Wallace
Founder, Ballin Down South Sports Network

Streamline your workflows.

Titler Live 5 Broadcast introduces new workflows to help you get started quickly and easily make changes on the fly. Empowering you to design, set up, and playout your graphics in one complete broadcast solution.


Drag and drop included design templates onto your playlist or import your own designs from Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Flexibly edit text, color, and images right in the Edit/Preview window.


Easily connect data to your graphics to streamline your set up. Drag and drop data inputs or variables onto any part of a design to repurpose it as you need. Even connect multiple inputs to a design.

Go live.

Quickly make animated updates to your live graphics on the fly. Deliver unlimited simultaneous graphics on up to 16 channels.

Plug in your data for real-time results.

With Titler Live 5 Broadcast, you can weamlessly connect to your data to prepare dynamic graphics for any stream or broadcast. Control your graphics with our powerful API to customize your workflows, too.

Bring in spreadsheets, XML, RSS and more.

  • Connect to Google Slides and Sheets, Excel spreadsheets and tables, XML files, RSS feeds, clocks, and more.
  • Use the data search and select tool to quickly bring spreadsheet data into a design.
  • Leverage spreadsheet autoplay mode to run-through your lower thirds, tables, and crawls.

Integrate with social media.

  • Engage your audience with comments, tweets, and Facebook comment and reaction polling.
  • Combine your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube feeds into one to easily manage your show.
  • Quickly queue your most relevant comments and posts into a custom social playlist.

Show scoreboards and statistics.

  • Bring in scoreboard data from DataLink, Stat Crew, Scorebird or Sportzcast.
  • Stat Crew statistics inputs support football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and hockey.
  • Direct Serial Data Support allows you to control your graphics' data with Daktronics, Fair-play, and OES hardware consoles (serial port to USB adaptor required).
  • Leaderboards allow you to import sports event leaderboard and roster XML files and connect them to real-time table graphics.
  • Scoreboard Tools 2.0 offers streamlined workflows, intelligent game logic, new in-game events, and an expanded palette of sports.

Integrate with ProPresenter and EasyWorship

Transpose your ProPresenter playlists to fully animated and beautifully designed slides and lower thirds. Titler Live 5 reads all your scripture, lyrics, and sermon data to provides an easy-to-use workflow that displays all your data as real-time on-air graphics

  • Quickly select different slides from your ProPresenter project to be paired with graphics from Titler Live.
  • Combine the ProPresenter integration with live video Picture-in-Picture graphics to display live video along with any scripture readings lyrics, and more.
  • Leverage a volunteer friendly interface that requires little setup and easy to use playout controls for all your graphics.

We designed Titler Live Broadcast’s intuitive interface for ease-of-use.

Features and specifications.

  • Control
  • Outputs
  • Inputs
  • Design


Real-time playout

Live animated updates per layer

Automated sequencing & looping

Spreadsheet and crawl autoplay mode

Hotkey functionality

Data search & select tool

TriCaster macro control


16 channels

Unlimited layers per channel

Unlimited simultaneous live layers


4K-SDI key/fill (Blackmagic and AJA)
PNG sequence support



Watch Folder

NewTek Airsend


API support

Excel spreadsheets
Spreadsheet table support

Google Slides and SheetsNEW

Stat Crew statistics - football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and hockey

Stat Crew scoreboards

Daktronics scoreboards
Sportzcast scoreboards

Facebook Live comments

Facebook Live comment polling

Facebook Live reaction polling

Twitter tweets

YouTube Live chats

Stream Labels




Text files

RSS feeds

CSV spreadsheets


3D animated graphics

Animations, effects & transitions

Native 4K resolution

Adobe After Effects import

Adobe Photoshop import
Title Designer interface

Sports & scoreboard packages

Social media & polling packages

Lower thirds


Main titles

Motion bugs

Compatibility and requirements.

  • Inputs
  • Software and hardware


Any switcher with NDI inputs

Any keying switcher with HDMI inputs

Any switcher with SDI key/fill inputs (Blackmagic Design and AJA cards)

Software and hardware:

macOS 10.15 and later
M1 Mac supported via Rosetta
Windows 10

2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)

4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)

1.82 GB drive space for installation
2015 or later
1GB VRAM (2GB+ recommended)
902Mhz base clock (1506Mhz+ recommended)

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