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Drone Video Reaches New Cinematic Heights with TotalFX 5

Featured: Quick Fixes

Today’s cinematic drones are capable of some fantastic footage and allow even smaller budget projects to get the same shots you once needed to hire a helicopter to get. Good as it often is, drone footage often needs significant post-production work to bring it up to the desired level of impact, and that’s where NewBlueFX’s TotalFX suite of video effects and tools can be a real time saver.

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Elevate Your Drone Footage with TotalFX 5

Are You the Best? Prove It with a Gaming Montage.

Featured: Color Correction

Interested in learning more about video editing for gamers? Gaming is a huge part of today’s pop culture. So much so, that gaming montages have become staple. Want to prove you are the best. Learn how to make one…

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Essentials Are Back and Better than Ever

Featured: News

Looking for essential video editing tools? Now you can find the specific set of tools you need for your project with the new Essentials Volumes. Each volume features 7 to 8 versatile plugins with over 70 presets that help you quickly solve your everyday challenges from skin touch up, to detail enhancer or Video Tune Up.

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Editing the Big Bang Theory: An Editor’s Chat with Peter Chakos

Featured: News

How do you edit with a bang? To find out, we turned to the award-winning video editor, Peter Chakos, for answers. Chakos acts as both editor and producer for the Emmy-winning comedy series, The Big Bang Theory. In 2007, he was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series for his

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