A Closer Look at TotalFX; Our Suite of 129 Video Editing Plugins

A closer look at TotalFX video editing plugins

If you were looking to get the kitchen sink of video editing plugins – mission accomplished. TotalFX is our complete collection of over 1,400 presets in 129 video editing plugins that include tools for titling, transitions, and effects.

TotalFX is for every professional editor, which is why we made the collection compatible with all major NLEs including Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Edius, and Sony Vegas Pro.

In this post, we’ll explore each of the six product categories and the tools they deliver to help you tackle your every editing task.

Let’s get started…

Closer Look at TotalFX’s Video Editing Plugins

Simplify Compositing With Elements

The Elements line adds a rich suite of compositing techniques (like color keying, split screen, and PIP) with over 250 presets in 21 effects. From the rapid keying power of Chroma Key Pro to the instant geometry of Split Screen, Image Mapper or Background Generator, once complicated or impossible compositing tasks become quick and easy in your workflow.


Active Camera allows you to reproduce the motion of a hand-held camera. From simulating a wild car chase to emulating a wandering cameraman, the power of design is in your hands.

Background Generator gives you the ability to produce a stylized backdrop from your footage. It’s simple to copy your clip then alter it with blur, color, saturation, exposure and animated panning. ­

Chroma Key, a fan favorite, allows you to quickly knock out backgrounds from green or blue screen shots. You’ll find a variety of presets for the most common keys. It’s effortless to create a garbage matte and change the color range, sensitivity, spill removal and more.

Essentials: Your Go-to Tools

The NewBlue Essentials line delivers over 275 presets in 24 effects in a go-to toolkit for everyday post-production needs, such as color correction or stabilization. These are lifesaving video editing plugins for all your post-productions needs.


Smooth out your shaky footage with the Stabilizer. Preloaded with a number of presets, you can do neat things such as focusing on an image’s center to keeping a flying object steady, or emphasizing the edges to allow your subject to move. Check it out:

Nobody likes blemishes; that’s why we built Skin Touch Up. This plugin makes it simple to create a skin tone mask that follows your subject, yet retains detail in the eyes, teeth, and hair.

Color Fixer Pro allows your to balance and contrast in seconds. Crush the film gamma for a hard-hitting look or change the mood by gently desaturating and brightening the color for soft images. We make easy for you to control white balance, saturation, brightness, and film gamma in a matter of seconds.

Bring A Dynamic Look To Your Video With Filters

The Filters line, over 250 presets in 22 video effects, instantly enhances video with unique effects like Fish Eye, Day for Night and color correcting tools such as ColorFast and Selective Tint.


ColorFast is no ordinary plugin; it packs a punch. ColorFast brings gorgeous color correction and grading to every shot, and gives you a choice of over 20 presets for your final look. Check it out:

Take your content and grunge it up with Old TV. Choose from over ten presets to dial in a certain era, or simply emulate an aged T.V. tube. Control scan lines, sync, noise, curvature and color adjustments for a broad range of looks.

The Film Color effect allows you to stylize projects with the unique look of film. Control tint, contrast, saturation, diffusion and more. Add a subtle tweak to create a bleach bypass, or stylize an entire sequence to achieve an aesthetic worthy of a classic.

Build A Surreal Visual Experience With Stylizers

The Stylizers line delivers colorful and imaginative art, paint and light effects with 250 presets in 23 plugins. Discover rich painting styles with Cartoonr, Air Brush, and Watercolor; use light oriented effects, such as Neon Lights and Glow Pro for stunning accents and atmosphere; and explore the boundaries with surrealistic filters like Metallic, Impressionist, and Paper Collage.


Cartoonr Plus allows you to relive your childhood by turning your video into a cartoon. It’s simple to transform video into vibrant cell animation with a variety of presets. Control line density, paint layers and shading to create a custom look.

It’s Godzilla!!! Give your video some seismic activity with Earthquake. It’s a snap to shake your scene off its hinges using a variety of presets. You can dial in the look you need with a magnitude and velocity controls for a custom result. Caution: beware of the aftershock.

Looking for a more eclectic feel? Mural allows you to be a painter and an editor at the same time. It’s professionally designed presets make it simple to transform your image into soft strokes of paint. Adjust color, shading, and blend to achieve your style quickly and easily.

Titler Pro 3: The Best Integrated Titling Suite Around

Titler Pro features the best workflow-enhancing tools, rich animations, and 3D beveling to streamline the creation of dynamic titles, lower thirds & end credits. Titler Pro 3 Ultimate also includes 40+ built-in styles, 80 additional Styles, and 36 Lower Thirds templates, plus other powerful features.

Spending a lot of time creating titles in After Effects? Titler Pro 3 Ultimate allows you to gain more functionality with full AE environment immersion. Intelligent obscuration with AE layers, camera depth of field, and lighting control integration provide flexibility in a familiar UI.

Animation Presets give you the capability to create powerful animations with only a few clicks. Drag and drop animations require no keyframes and give you the head start you need to create your vision.

Manage multiple titles from one place with Titler Pro 3 Ultimate’s Quick Edit. Easily update style templates all at once. Even update graphics and change your text without entering a full design each time. Look how easy it is:

Move Your Audience To Another Level With Transitions

The NewBlue Transitions line features over 400 presets in 37 video plugins that provide cutting edge transitions of light, motion, 3D, and color to deliver stunning scene-to-scene cuts. There’s a stylized transition for every mood.


With Traveling Rays, you can make large streaks or soft sweeps of light. It’s simple to animate light between shots by adjusting ray length, color, a direction of travel and even image warp within the light rays.

RGB Shift allows you to simulate a video transmission that’s gone awry. It’s a snap to separate red, green and blue channels in your clips. Intensify action by controlling the direction, distance and frequency of the movements, or use one of the many ready-to-go presets.

Create broad, sweeping morphs, or “water down” your image with Liquify. It’s easy to create morphic image transitions. Select your distortion source, and then control the amplitude and direction based on the incoming image, outgoing image, or both.

And that’s why we call it the Ultimate Collection: It’s too big to miss and gives you a number stepping-stones to elevate your editing ingenuity.

P.S. If you want everything in one simple package, you can find the entire collection in TotalFX.

Closer look at TotalFX's Video Editing Plugins


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