PlayEX Esports: Elevating the Esports viewing experience with Titler Live.

About PlayEX Esports
, a leader in the esports industry, hosts an expansive range of virtual and hybrid esports streams, attracting a global audience of casual gamers and devoted fans. Powering their broadcasts with Titler Live’s real-time technology, PlayEX brings gaming data to life with player lobby lists, real-time league standings, scores, and much more.


How is PlayEX Esports Creating Their Productions? 

PlayEX employs a combination of hardware and software to create their productions. They utilize Elgato and Blackmagic Design capture cards for online virtual events and Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers for live in-person events. Custom-built PCs handle graphics and audio processing. Software solutions like Open Broadcaster Software and Wirecast 13 Pro are used for streaming and video production. PlayEX has integrated NewBlue’s Titler Live 5 software into their production workflow to create visually engaging and dynamic on-screen graphics.


How is PlayEX Esports Using Titler Live? 

Titler Live is a fundamental component of PlayEX’s production process. They leverage Titler Live during both pre-production and live broadcasts. During pre-production, PlayEX uses Titler Live to create graphics in advance, such as lower thirds for scheduled on-air talent. These graphics deliver important information to viewers and enhance the overall presentation. During live broadcasts, Titler Live allows PlayEX to generate on-the-fly graphics, adapting to the many unexpected situations and events that may occur during an esports tournament. This flexibility ensures that PlayEX can provide real-time information and captivating visuals to their viewers. 


How Do Titler Live’s Features Enhance PlayEX Esports’ productions? 

Titler Live’s features greatly enhance PlayEX’s productions in several ways. Firstly, the user-friendly interface enables PlayEX to swiftly create and customize graphics, saving valuable time during the fast-paced production process. The software seamlessly integrates with tools like Microsoft and Google spreadsheets, enabling the smooth incorporation of player data into the graphics. Titler Live’s real-time capabilities allow PlayEX to display player lobby lists, league standings, scores, and other dynamic graphics during their esports broadcasts. These graphics not only provide valuable information to viewers but also enhance the viewing experience, setting PlayEX apart from other esports producers. Overall, Titler Live’s features enhance the visual appeal, engagement, and professionalism of PlayEX’s esports productions. 


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