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Avelar Sports: Brazil’s mountain bike scene gains worldwide recognition in live broadcast event.

About Avelar Sports

Avelar Sports, was founded by Felipe Avelar, a former mountain bike athlete who was a professional from 2005 to 2011, representing Brazil at Pan American Championships, World Cups, and World Championships in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Scotland, and France. In 2019, he won the Guidão de Ouro award with the Chaoyang Estrada Real International event – Ouro Branco Stage as the best MTB event of the year.

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Today, he leads Avelar Sports, a dynamic company dedicated to sports event organization and live broadcasts, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create captivating sports productions. One of the great differentials of the brand is the constant innovation and investment in favor of each sport. The company has one of the largest rental structures in Latin America and uses 100% of its own structure for its events.

How is Avelar Sports Creating Their Productions?

“We work with event realizations, live broadcasts and structure rentals. We broadcast Mountain bike sporting events recognized in the national ranking, horse riding competitions, motorcycling, music festivals, among others” explains Avelar.
Their equipment includes a racer drone, two Mavic drones, fifteen cameras operated by skilled professionals, a mobile transmission unit capable of processing 28 cameras, replay systems, a graphic generator, three thousand meters of fiber cable, a 360° camera, and even a helicopter for aerial shots. This robust setup allows Avelar Sports to capture and broadcast sports events with precision and creativity.

How is Avelar Sports Using Titler Live?

Avelar Sports incorporates NewBlue’s Titler Live into their production workflow to enhance their live broadcasts. Titler Live serves as a powerful graphics solution, enabling Avelar Sports to create visually stunning and dynamic graphics in real-time during their sports events. The software’s intuitive interface and extensive customization options empower their production team to design and customize graphics on the fly, adapting to the evolving dynamics of live sports events seamlessly.

How Does Titler Live’s Features Enhance Their Productions?

Titler Live’s features have greatly enhanced Avelar Sports’ live sports productions in several ways. Firstly, the software allows for the easy editing of graphics, ensuring that last-minute changes and updates can be implemented quickly. Secondly, the multiple editable templates provided by Titler Live enable Avelar Sports to maintain a consistent brand identity across their graphics while offering flexibility for different sports events. Additionally, Titler Live’s seamless integration with Avelar Sports’ production setup, including data sources, enables automatic updates of real-time data in their graphics, ensuring accuracy and reducing the potential for human error.

An example of Titler Live in action was for their 2023 Internacional Chaoyang Estrada Real. Titler Live 5 elevated the overall quality and viewer experience of the live broadcast and reinforcing Avelar Sports’ position as an industry leader in delivering exceptional sports events.

Check out how Titler Live graphics were used for the 2023 Internacional Chaoyang Estrada Real broadcast.


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