Point Loma Nazarene University Athletics

About Point Loma Nazarene University Athletics 

Point Loma Nazarene University Athletics (PLNU Athletics) is a prominent player in the college athletics industry, participating in various NCAA Division 2 sports, including Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, and Baseball. We caught up with Jordan Courneya, Assistant Athletic Director for Event Operations at PLNU, to learn how they’ve been using NewBlue Captivate for their live streaming productions. 


How is Point Loma Nazarene University Athletics Creating Their Productions? 

To create captivating and professional productions, PLNU Athletics utilizes a comprehensive setup of both software and hardware. Jordan explains, “Our broadcasts include a wide range of elements to deliver an exciting experience to our audience. We have camera switching, live stat graphics using Excel and Google Sheets, commercials, play-by-play audio, replays, live scorebug, stingers, and picture-in-picture features to keep our fans fully immersed in the action.” 

For hardware, Jordan shares, “We currently use 4 PTZ Optics Cameras, 1 Pixellot AI Camera in the gym, 2 XPS Dell Laptops, 1 Elgato Stream Deck, 1 PTZ Optics Superjoy Joystick, 3 monitors, and a Sportzcast Scorelink Device.” 

How is Point Loma Nazarene University Using NewBlue Captivate? 

Captivate has become an integral part of PLNU’s live streaming workflow, supplementing every aspect of their productions. Jordan notes, “We integrate NewBlue Captivate into every aspect of our live streamed events. From creating stellar opening graphics to introduce the fans to the contest, to providing graphical information before, during, and after the game, Captivate takes center stage in our productions.” 

“The ease of editing graphics and its ability to improve the overall broadcast experience is invaluable to PLNU Athletics. With Captivate, we can make on-the-fly edits, ensuring our broadcasts stay fresh and new,” says Jordan. “Additionally, we can export graphics for use throughout our Athletic Department on Social Media, enabling us to maintain a strong digital presence. Without Captivate, achieving this level of versatility and improvement would not be possible for us.” 

How Do Captivate’s Features Enhance PLNU Productions? 

“Captivate’s functionality, customization, and streamlined interface are tremendous,” says Jordan. “NewBlue is always striving to improve and constantly implementing new features that help our broadcasts stand out amongst our peers.” 

Furthermore, the platform enables efficiency in production operations. Jordan adds, “Having the capability to hire one producer to handle an entire broadcast is essential at the NCAA Division 2 level, where budgets are limited compared to larger Division 1 institutions. Captivate allows us to deliver high-quality productions without the need for an unlimited budget.” 

Point Loma Nazarene University Athletics has significantly elevated their live streaming productions with NewBlue Captivate. The platform’s dynamic features, ease of editing, and customization options have enabled PLNU to captivate their audience and maintain a strong digital presence across various channels. As a result, PLNU Athletics continues to stand out in the college athletics industry, delivering engaging broadcasts that resonate with their fans and peers alike. 



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