New Effects, Transitions, and Animations in Titler Pro 4

When we designed the new Titler Pro 4, we wanted to give you the tools to add effects, transitions and animations quickly without the need for manual keyframing.

As a result, we’ve incorporated some our favorite effects, transitions and animations (as well as a few new ones) into the Titler Pro 4 library.

Here’s a look at some of the new effects, transitions and animations you can use within the latest version of our award winning video title program.


Effects provide an easy way to add motion, depth and distort to your text just the way you want.

Titler includes over 29 effects with the new additions of Active Camera, Outline, Drop Shadow, Image Mapper and Garbage Matte from our Elements collection. Plus RGB Shift from our Stylizers collection.

Here are a few examples how you can use these new effects in your titles:

Let’s say you want to have your text weave “behind” an object or have parts of your text masked, Garbage Matte can do exactly that. Garbage Matte allows you to isolate your objects to only be visible in the area you want them to be.

Maybe in your next video, you want to give off an edgy vibe. For choppy and jittery text, use the Active Camera effect. Active Camera brings the organic movement of a hand held video camera to your objects and text.


Segway between a clip or an image with transitions that break the mold of the regular “wipe on, wipe off.”

We’ve added the best from our Transitions collection including 3D Intensity Grid, 3D Louvres, Roll, Zoom and RGB Shift into Titler Pro 4.

Here are a few examples how you can use these new transitions in your titles:

The RGB Shift effect introduces energy and color to your titles for that extreme sports look. Dial it up for a high-powered introduction or dial it back for a more subtle effect.

Drag racing RGB shift effect exanple

The 3D Intensity Grid is perfect for a tech themed project. Control the amplitude, columns, and rows for the perfect broken glitch text.

People gathering at a convention.


Bring your graphics and text to life with motion and distortion animations.

We brought in RGB Shift from the Stylizers collection, but all of our other animations are brand new like Bow, Distort, Timed Pan, Timed Rotation, and Wave.

Here are a few examples how you can use these new animations in your titles:

Need to send a message across the screen? With Timed Pan you can select a repeated timed pattern of an animation, flash, beacon, or text across the screen.

Thinking of creating a loading screen? Get your text and objects spinning with timed rotation.

As you can see, when it comes to quickly animating your titles or achieving a specific look, Titler Pro 4 delivers with a wide array of options. So next time you’re trying to animate your title, forget the time consuming keyframing and check out the built-in effects, transitions and animations in Titler Pro 4.

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