Editor’s Chat: Up-And-Coming Filmmaker Alex Allgood

Editor's chat. A Talk with Alex Allgood.

Did you catch our short film, “Dog Thoughts?” Now meet the Atlanta filmmaker behind “Dog Thoughts,” Alex Allgood. Allgood started off making silly films with friends, headed off to school in LA to pursue his passion, and now works as a DP, gaffer and editor.

We caught Alex in between sets to talk filming and editing in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s see what Alex Allgood had to say…

Alex Allgood filming a movie on set.

NB: How did you become a video editor?

AA: I was always interested in how to create effects that wowed people. I have always enjoyed seeing the film come together to a final product. There are so many different ways to edit a single project, so I find the creative side very interesting.

NB: What is your post-production process like?

AA: I have a pretty simple and traditional workflow. Picture lock, SFX, color correction, then tweaks.

NB: What movies inspire you?

AA: I get really inspired from Christopher Nolan’s films. His devotion to story-telling is incredible. He does not rely on VFX to sell a movie, but instead uses it to make his story from good to better. I really value movies where the story comes first.

NB: What’s your editing secret?

AA: A magician never reveals his secrets.

NB: What tools and software do you use?

AA: I primarily use Adobe Premiere CC, After Effects CC and of course Titler Pro 4!


NB: What was your biggest editing nightmare?

AA: “This application is not responding.”

NB: What’s the Atlanta film scene like?

AA: The Atlanta market is booming. As far as on-set work, there are movies being shot all over.

NB: What’s next for Alex Allgood?

AA: I am currently in the process of becoming a full-time cinematographer.

There you have it, the man behind “Dog Thoughts,” Atlanta filmmaker, Alex Allgood. For more information on Titler Pro 4 go here and to see more from Alex Allgood visit his youtube page.


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