How to use the new Lifestyle Collection

So, you’ve just gotten the new Lifestyle Template Collection and you’re excited to use it. But how do you use it? And where is it even located?

We’ll answer those questions and more today! Soon you’ll be on your way to creating professional, engaging titles for your next project.

To locate the Lifestyle Collection, click the triangle on the far-left side of the Title Designer interface to open the Library.

Once the Library is open, click the dropdown menu at the top and select Project Templates.

Now you’ll see all the different categories of project templates installed on your computer, including the Lifestyle Collection. Double-click on that folder to open it.

Inside, you’ll see another 5 folders to choose from. Each contains different color palettes for the 24 title templates included in the Lifestyle Collection. Cozy features warm orange and blue colors, while Rural leans heavily on earth tones. Experiment to find your favorite or mix and match to create the perfect combination for your project.

Once you’ve selected the color scheme you want, it’s time to pick a design. Remember: for these or any other templates in Titler Pro, placing your mouse cursor over a design shows you an animated preview. No need to add it to your project until you know which one you want!

When you’re ready to use a template, just double-click on the thumbnail and it will be added to your timeline. All you need to do is go to the Variables page under the Scene tab and type in the text for your project.

And that’s all there is to it! With the Lifestyle Collection you can have sleek, modern graphics for any of production.

Lifestyle Collection

Lifestyle Collection

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