BuzzFeed Elevates On-Air Graphics with Titler Live Broadcast

BuzzFeed is well-known as a leading independent digital media company, streaming news and entertainment to millions of viewers every day. For the past year, their daily morning show AM to DM has been making waves in the Twitter-based news arena, racking up over 1 million daily views (and counting) with its fresh and edgy news content.


The AM to DM team depends heavily on live graphics and lower thirds to showcase segments, hosts, guests, questions and hashtags throughout the show. To deliver this information with the high-end, branded look viewers expect, BuzzFeed’s Motion Graphics Designer Zachary Ares relies on Adobe After Effects to create engaging 3D animated graphics. To further elevate the show, the AM to DM team recently adopted NewBlue’s Titler Live Broadcast to streamline their design workflows and gain the flexibility to control live graphics on the fly.



“We faced the ‘time-suck’ problem that many broadcasters do…the on-air graphics solution only accepts a limited number of formats, forcing time-consuming conversions from today’s popular Adobe formats to a supported one,” said BuzzFeed’s Zachary Ares. “By switching to Titler Live Broadcast, our graphics team can simply pull the designed graphics into Titler Live and go. Huge time savings and simpler workflow.”


With Titler Live Broadcast, the AM to DM team can leverage flexible design, edit and playout solutions to keep up with the fast pace and unpredictability of social media-centric news environments. Today, Zachary and his team can quickly import graphics from any design source such as After Effects then utilize Titler Live to easily make changes on the fly. Titler Live Broadcast’s spreadsheet input has been especially useful to drive varying names and information into a single, dynamic graphic template throughout the show.


BuzzFeed simplifies AM to DM show with Titler Live Broadcast and TriCaster workflow.
BuzzFeed simplifies AM to DM show with Titler Live Broadcast and TriCaster workflow.


“The AM to DM show doesn’t have the big budget of more traditional news broadcasts, yet we are driven to deliver the same level of well-produced content with a fresh look, as demanded by our audience,” said Patrick McMenamin, the show’s Executive Producer. “We looked around for a more flexible on-air graphics solution that fit our workflow, and Titler Live Broadcast was the best product, and it fit our budget perfectly.”


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