Remove Fish Eye Distortion With Lens Corrector | 60 Second Studio

Video lens distortion is either a look you want (fish eye) or something that distracts your audience. The Lens Correction plugin in Essentials 5 Volume 2 makes it easy to remove lens distortion so you can focus on what’s important.

Whether you’re editing documentaries or sporting events, you want your footage to look good regardless of the camera. Lens Correction makes it effortless; quickly cleaning up wide-angle lens distortion with presets which let you hone in on your desired look. Take a peek at how Lens Correction fixes GoPro wide-angle footage in just a couple of seconds:

In this video, they used a GoPro where the horizon is at the edge of the frame. We soon run into the problem of video lens distortion. To fix the problem, we first move along the timeline until we find the distortion and compensate for it by simply applying the Lens Correction plugin.

Next, we get a better view by using the Fish Eye distortion correction preset which we increase until the distortion is removed. Then we select the Size to Fit for the background to compensate for any missing borders caused by the lens correction process.

And it’s that easy: in just a few moments, we corrected the lens distortion leaving the video looking polished.

That’s not it, however! There’s over 275 presets in 28 incredible effects in the Essentials 5 Ultimate. , which is also available in the TotalFX bundle, which includes our full suite of over 1,500 presets in 177 powerful post production plugins for compositing, filters, scene transitions, color correction, titling and more. TotalFX is available in both subscription and perpetual licensing models.


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