Whitney Broadcast: High school media program uses Captivate

About Whitney Broadcast

In the bustling halls of Whitney Highschool, a dynamic broadcast and film program thrives, shaping the narrative of their student community and extending its reach to the vibrant Rocklin Community. Welcome to WCTV19, the heartbeat of Rocklin Community Television.

WCTV19 stands as a testament to the talent and dedication of the students, who produce a compelling daily news show. This broadcast isn’t just a window into school events; it’s a channel that resonates with the student body, and as a full production including the use of NewBlue Captivate, extends beyond the campus boundaries.


“NewBlue’s graphics look clean and professional. They really elevate the feel of our show. The ability to assign portions of the graphics as variables makes it easy to change them everyday – this is really helpful when we have a lot of new information every week. We don’t have to remake and re-export every single graphic when the content of our show changes. The program also gives us the ability to link an After Effects composition, making it easier to edit our graphics and integrate them between software programs. It may take some time to initially learn all the features but once you do, NewBlue is a great software program for everything graphics-related.”

ANNIKA HUBBARD, Whitney High School Junior


The primary focus is teens. WCTV19 is tailored to resonate with the vibrant, dynamic teen demographic, making sure the content is relatable, engaging, and, most importantly, authentic. This philosophy is encapsulated in their slogan: “We are Teens Documenting Reality.”


Highlights of Captivate

Captivate was described as an efficient and user-friendly software tool for generating and presenting graphics within a broadcast show. The students are relieved from the need to initiate projects from scratch after already creating them in After Effects.  Thanks to Titler Live’s capabilities, the software simplifies the process by seamless integrating with After Effects. The combination of After Effects with Captivate allows for creating and modifying any template, ensuring it possesses the polished appearance expected of a network news show.

“The After Effects integration allowed us to create a full screen graphic in the Adobe program, and showcase it in our daily show. The graphic is animated and editable with Google Sheets, and has made importing and managing the graphic easy and accessible. In addition, being able to connect Google Sheets to each graphic has enabled us to edit the text remotely which has saved us a lot of time.”

From CADEN MARTIN, Whitney High School Senior

Their daily show has won nine “Broadcast Excellence” awards since 2011, for Student Television Network’s Top Daily Show in the nation.


What their broadcast includes


The daily show includes school news, a weather update, national news taken from a contract they have with CNN Newsource, a social media segment, and a sports segment. The show is diverse and focused on inclusion. They use the hashtag, WHSUNLEASHED on Instagram, to get content from the community. The feed has over 7,000 images which are featured in their social media segment.


Additionally, they blend a wide array of unpredictable segments.  These are updates and videos that you will only see one time in the show.  The idea is to create unpredictability within the viewer so that they don’t know what is coming.  Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their accolades, having clinched nine “Broadcast Excellence” awards since 2011 recognized by the Student Television Network as the nation’s top daily show.  WHS Unleashed is a testament to the dedication and talent of their students and the teachers guiding their path.


How Whitney Broadcast is utilizing Captivate

Ben Barnholt, their teacher, explains how Whitney incorporates Captivate into their broadcast.  The students create all of their  over the shoulder graphics, full screen graphics, and weather graphics on NewBlue. Afterwards, they route the output signal to Wirecast and proceed to record the show using that software.

“When compared to other schools, our NewBlue graphics look professional. Additionally, NewBlue has proven to be committed to creating and developing new programs that are both user friendly and improve from past versions. The NewBlue software is a staple in the broadcast industry and will continue to be a key part of our program”

says NOAH REED, Whitney High School Senior.

Indicating the graphics are professional, modern, and industry standard, being as good as anything you will see on a professional YouTube show or on network TV. Combined with the fact that they are user friendly, Ben stated he would recommend them to any media teacher.

We, the team at NewBlue, were enthralled, humbled, and dare we say captivated by the creativity and innovative approach adopted by Whitney Broadcasting in their utilization of Captivate as an integral part of their production.


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