Find Title Inspiration Plus Animated Search Bar Tutorial

Search 'How to make a title with Titler Pro' for Title Inspiration

Finding title inspiration is difficult, especially when it’s staring you in the face.

In this Quick Tips Tutorial, I’ll show you how to recreate the iconic Google search homepage and simulate an animated search bar in your next project.

I will be using the Slide Out and Type On Pro transitions found in the Kinetic Motion pack. As with all of the motion pack animations, they are fully customizable and allow you to create (as you will see) an endless combination of cutting-edge image and text animations.

And remember, if you need a head start on your design, you can always use on of the 16 built-in templates that come free with each motion pack.

Ok, enough of the details… let’s get to it!


Experience the new Fluid or Kinetic motion packs today for just $59 for title inspiration.

Use Titler Pro Animations For Title Inspiration


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