PROPORTION HELPER: And Now For Something Completely Different!


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Proportion Helper: And Now For Something Completely Different

  • Unique Onscreen Overlays Display Visual Patterns To Guide Visual Composition In Your Edit



Painfully, you have in your edit room one of the most difficult clients you’ve ever experienced. An artiste…an ex-painter, cinematographer, European…it’s clear he doesn’t think you have any idea what you’re doing…It is nerve-wracking…his eyes on your back…judging.

You have to do something fast and smart to show him you really do know how to edit.

Your mind scrambles, you are starting to sweat….



What rhymes with Fibonacci ? Well, not much…but never mind. Pop the Fibonacci Spiral from the Proportion Helper filter set and you’ve shut this madman up! That’s just one of the entries in this unique collection of scene composition tools. These are graphics tools that have been used by artists for centuries worldwide to create the most perfect, balanced and aesthetically pleasing visual arrangements based on mathematical and artistic guidelines gleaned over the centuries.

These obviously aren’t meant to appear in your final product. As overlays they’re artistic guidelines to help you organize your composition. There are six overlays corresponding to The Rule of Thirds, The Golden Section, and several other arrangements.


Proportion Helper is part of our Essentials 5 Vol 3 and Essentials 5 Ultimate collections.


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