PICTURE GRID: Splits In A Split Second


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PICTURE GRID: Splits in a Split Second

  • Preset Splits Make Tedious Cropping And Positioning Instantaneous
  • Unique Sliders With Stops Take Math And Guesswork Out Of Alignment


You have to quickly build a split screen…could be 2, 3 or any number of splits, and you’ve lost your templates. Though it’s fairly easy to layer, crop and reposition, it’s still a major headache and time-waster…


Drop Picture Grid on your various layers and quickly choose what dimensions you need in logically labeled presets in the drop down in the effects editor. Quad Split, Thirds—(Horizontal or Vertical?), almost all screen layout possibilities are here. Drop them on your video and the geometry and math are already done for you.

Presets are clearly named for speed and the screen is automatically split at the dimensions you need. Borders and placement are perfectly aligned for you. Setting picture position and size is easy as sliders will move your shot in place without disturbing the splits and do not require you to nest in order to do resizes.

The sliders also have built-in preset stops to help you line up grid segments, horizontal and vertical alignment and positions. Border color, thickness and softness can also be adjusted. This can save tons of minutes and lower your blood pressure.

Additionally, the Split Screen filter allows similar quick compositing of images if you need a more esoteric angled composition, still with XYZ control for repo with basic controls.

Picture Grid is part of our Elements 3 Overlay and Elements 3 Ultimate collections.


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