QUICK PIXELATOR: Tracking Magic!


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Quick Pixelator: Tracking Magic

  • Auto Tracking Blurs Using Chroma and Hue Speeds You Up!



You’re editing a crime show and suddenly a call from your producer: an interview subject has just gotten cold feet and wants to have their identity obscured. You could start the tedious manual keyframe blur tracking process, but that will take a while.

The clock is ticking…



Adding Quick Pixelator shreds the alternative of tedious keyframe blur tracking. By using the chroma information of the subject, the blur automatically tracks the subject…(as long as their color is consistent). Click on the subject’s color and it’s on. Whether it’s a person, a license plate, address or whatever you choose, as long as it has a color associated with it, Quick Pixelator will blur and track it along with its movements…it’s amazingly good. A built-in keyframable mask allows you selectivity of the area of your blur in case other objects share the same color you’re using to mask.

A caveat: obviously you’re limited in its use if there isn’t enough clear chroma information on your subject to enable this action.



Quick Pixelator is part of our Essentials 5 Vol 2 and Essentials 5 Ultimate collections.


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