MOTION BLUR: There’s Fast and Then There’s Faster

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Motion Blur: There’s Fast and Then There’s Faster

  • Customizing Streak and Speed Effects Intelligently



The ad agency’s theme for their product is “Speed”. They ask: What can you do that’s  cool and trendy to enhance and enforce that idea, and…we have no money.” They don’t know what they want, but when they see it, they’ll know it. It’s up to you.



Motion Blur is speed. It’s also disorientating, hallucinatory and easy to apply and modify. Even a still frame can benefit from this cool tool. With a strong optical component you can smear, rotate, you can even make The Flash(TM) disappear in a … flash.

Motion Blur smears the video in any direction, any intensity, with any degree of transparency you want. It can approximate a drunken POV, a sci-fi beaming up, or just a quick exit.




Motion Blur is part of our Stylizers 5 Excite and Stylizers 5 Ultimate collections.

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