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Introducing Titler Live 3 – Create Dynamic On-Air Graphics

NewBlue’s Titler Live 3 product line allows broadcasters of all levels and budgets to achieve high-end broadcast with stunning graphics in an easy-to-use and budget-conscious package.

Titler Live 3 Broadcast – $2495

Titler Live 3 Broadcast

Experience the ultimate graphics solution with Titler Live 3 Broadcast. Ideal for those productions that are more sophisticated and graphic-intensive, Titler Live 3 Broadcast allows you to display an unlimited number of live graphics per channel, on up to 16 channels – at no additional cost.


Unlock all Titler Live 3 features with Titler Live 3 Broadcast. Access ESPN-level scoreboards, sports data connectivity, and social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Plus, drive data into your graphics with from spreadsheets and various web-connected sources with intelligent inputs.


Choose from hundreds of main title, lower third, and motion bug templates or work in NewBlue’s intuitive and feature-rich Title Designer to create your own designs from scratch or import and edit existing graphics from After Effects. Additionally, control your graphic playout from comprehensive macro controls while displaying over your network through NDI or from a wide-range of SDI cards – all at 4K resolution.


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Titler Live 3 Complete – $949

Titler Live 3 Complete

Titler Live 3 Complete combines the power of Titler Live 3 Present, Social, and Sport for a comprehensive toolset. Engage your audience with live social media, professional scoreboards and sports data connectivity, and a variety of stunning main titles, lower thirds, and motion bug templates.


Unlock double the power with a second channel to deliver sophisticated broadcasts with overlapping live graphics. Even broadcast locally or remotely from a second machine for added flexibility. Playout through your network over NDI, directly in streaming software, or through high-end SDI cards.


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Titler Live 3 Present – $449

Titler Live 3 Present

Easily deliver stunning broadcast-quality graphics with Titler Live 3 Present. Experience simplified workflows and get a quick start with over 250 main title, lower third, and motion bug templates, plus customize your own graphics using NewBlue’s intuitive Title Designer.


Titler Live 3 Present adds the power of automation with intelligent inputs to help you deliver data-driven broadcasts. Drive graphics from a single CSV file or web-connected data sources including RSS feeds and text files to present info-rich graphics quickly.


Even engage your audience with live social media. Integrate with Facebook Live in seconds to capture and display Facebook comments from your audience in real-time.


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Titler Live 3 Social – $449

Titler Live 3 Social

Titler Live 3 Social integrates with popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to drive live social media into your broadcasts. Capture and display posts, comments, and tweets from your audience in real-time to amplify engagement.


Stay organized and add comments to your queue to create tailored playlists on the fly. You can quickly, search, filter, and display your comments based on relevant keywords, hashtags, and attitudes to react in real-time. You can even control your social data remotely from any device on your network with NewBlue’s web-based interface, adding another layer of flexibility to your broadcast.


Titler Live 3 Social also includes an instant audience polling feature that lets you display audience reactions and attitudes. Simply customize live text and 3D animated graphics in NewBlue’s Title Designer to visualize the results.


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Titler Live 3 Sport – $449

Titler Live 3 Sport

Titler Live 3 Sport empowers you to deliver championship-worthy broadcasts no matter your budget. Create ESPN-level scoreboards and sports graphics for every major sport – just like the pros.


Get a quick start with over 50 scoreboard templates and sports graphics for major sports including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and volleyball. Browse through a full suite of customizable sports break, lower thirds, and logo bugs to cover all your games.


Titler Live 3 Sport features professional scoreboards and powerful sports data integration. Create data-driven sports broadcasts in a matter of minutes by setting up inputs for SportzCast, NewTek DataLink, StatCrew, and more.


You can also use NewBlue’s built-in scoreboard controllers and HTML clocks to run the scoreboard manually and add additional fields to your scoreboard for custom game messages. Even broadcast remotely with NewBlue’s web-based scoreboard controllers, enabling you to control the game from anywhere on your network.


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