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FILM GRAIN: Rumors of Film’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated


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Fim Grain: Rumors of Film’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

  • Organic, Non-Synthesized Realistic Film Grain



You’re tasked to make this $500.00 student video shoot look like a million dollar film production with a 25 cent post budget…what to do, what to do???



You know there are a lot of ways you can give video a filmatic, grainy look. Overlays

have always been available but many look a little too processed. By modeling real film grain with its organic nuances and random imperfections, and using powerful blend modes, Film Grain gives you extreme latitude for different and realistic filmatic looks quickly.  Grain can be enlarged or reduced, emulsion looks real, and presets can let you dial in appropriate films stocks and sizes for your project.



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Film Grain Sample
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Film Grain is part of our Filters 5 Recreate and Filters 5 Ultimate collections.


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