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Faster Titling is Here: Rock Caching Now

Tired of stuttering titles? Forget the lag and get smooth playback with Titler Pro 4’s new caching features. Titler Pro 4 caching and quality choices deliver flexibility for every stage of the editing process, faster render speeds during your final movie output and playback in real-time regardless of your title’s complexity. Simply put, caching is the key to faster titling.

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this workflow-enhancing feature set:

What is caching?

When a title is cached, frames are temporarily stored on disk in order to be available for playback without having to generate the title on the fly every time.

Basic caching

When you initially drop a title into your timeline it may play back rough and choppy, depending on its complexity and the performance of your system. But with basic caching enabled, frames are stored while you scrub or play through the title in your video editor’s timeline. The result after all the frames are cached is a smooth playback and a title clip that can be moved or trimmed without losing playback performance.

Render at close

You might want great playback performance on the first go. By selecting “render at close” the title will render even before you close Titler Pro. You also receive a great optimization benefit. Titler Pro will first analyze the clip, determining sections which are static or animated, performing an optimized render pass. When you then play through the clip it will be smoother than Kenny G.

When to use caching

Caching is a useful tool, but in certain circumstances like the drafting or designing stage, you may want to disable caching in order to jump in and out of Title Designer quickly without interruption. Before deciding when to use caching, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Are you in the design phase where there are many title changes, or are you in the project-editing phase where you need your media to play smoothly?
  2. Can your title designs be played smoothly without caching on your system, or are they more complex and render-heavy?

Once you identify the needs for your project’s current stage, you can dial in the right caching choices to get the speed you need.

Now you understand the powerful benefits of caching options and how they can work for you. Get moving with Titler Pro’s versatile performance now.


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