COLOR REPLACE: Paint it Black…or Yellow or Red or…


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Color Replace: Paint it Black…or Yellow or Red or…

  • Instant Color Change Within Two Clicks Under 20 Seconds



Your producer just came into the bay in a snit: the car commercial you’re doing this morning has a glitch…the car that was shot is not the new color scheme your ad is supposed to be hyping, and the commercial is due yesterday. You don’t have a budget for a colorist…you’re on your own.



Another magical application: Drop Color Replace on your clip, one click with the eyedropper on the offending car color and then choose any color in your full palette: Instant gratification and happy client.  It really is that easy.

The learning curve is practically zero and no depending on a colorist. A few controls let you tweak edges and saturation, and presets let you hone down quickly to your range of colors. The addition of a mask toggle lets you view the affected areas for any fine adjustments you may need to make. While It’s not perfect in all color situations, in most cases it’ll let you get home at a decent hour.



Color Replace is part of our Filters 5 Recolor and Filters 5 Ultimate collections.


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