Amplify: The Best Way to Boost Your Editing Skills

Amplify takes some of the best video plugins that NewBlue has to offer and combines them in a unique package to get your editing skills up and running with your NLE from day one.

Amplify consists of over 50 effects, transitions and styles along with NewBlue’s flagship titling application, Titler Pro 4. Among these are essential tools that quickly remove camera flash, stabilize your video and correct color. Powerful tools to make compositing tasks simpler, color grading a snap and correcting footage easy, beautiful transitions that move your audience with drifts, jolts and glows as well as titling to impress your viewers and take your editing to a new level.

Amplify bundle box will boost your editing skills

How Will Amplify Benefit You?

Let’s Get Ready to Title!

Forget complicated motion graphics software. Spend more time designing titles and less time scratching your head. Whether you need a simple, stylish title or a complex, animated opener, Titler Pro 4 has you covered. Choose from animation presets, text styles, graphic import capabilities and get the results you need.

Your Editing Skills Will Move Your Audience

Let’s shift focus and find a new way of looking at transitions. A clean change of scenery, a drift into slumber or a jolt of energy to rock all night long. Transitions can go a long way in keeping your audience entertained. Check out the popular light bending Photon Blast, the classic Roll and the energizing RGB Shift.

Time is of the Essence

Amplify features time-saving, “go-to” tools for everyday editors.

  • Stabilizer: Emulate Steadicam smoothness in action video or handheld footage for that smooth, clean look without jarring jumps and shaking.
  • Flash Remover Pro: Weddings, parties and special occasions can become a nightmare to shoot for videographers. Competing flashes can be overpowering and hinge disruptive. Flash Remover Pro helps eliminate those distracting flashes and puts the focus back on your subject.

Make the Grade Fast

Need to punch up a clip in seconds? ColorFast has you covered. Highlight the vibrant colors of the forest or tune up the cool colors of winter. Quickly drag-and-drop filters with full control over Gamma, Saturation and Exposure making it easy to get the look you need – fast.

Make an Impression

Choose from a range of artistic looks with Amplify’s collection of stylistic plugins. Go full Picasso with a thought-provoking Impressionist style, glimmery Mosaic or shatter reality with the extreme RGB Shift.

Amplify delivers unparalleled value to use with your NLE. All the essential tools needed to get you from start to finish no matter what your next project is. For a full list of what’s included in Amplify, visit the Amplify Product Page.


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