25+ Reasons Why You Need Transitions 3 Ultimate

When we reimagined NewBlueFX, we seized the opportunity to greatly improve our transition plugins. You’ll find over 25+ improvements in NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why every editor needs this comprehensive suite.

NewBlue Transitions 3 Ultimate features over 400 presets in 37 plugins that provide cutting edge video transitions of 3D, light, color, and motion to deliver stunning scene-to-scene cuts. From Cartoonr Plus to Color Wash, Neon Lights to Metallic, Shake to Shredders and much more, you’ll engage your audience with this collection of unique, stylized video transitions for every mood or circumstance. Plus our transitions work in any professional NLE! Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and more.

If you already own transitions from NewBlueFX legacy products, such as Motion Blends or Art Blends, you’ll find dozens of welcomed improvements to our Transitions line.

Let’s take a look at a few…

Attack and Release

The Attack and Release feature, added to 18 of our transitions, allows you to blend two clips at various speeds. Quickly jump to the next video or ease into it smoothly. Set a transition with a low attack speed, and a high release speed to give the effect of quickly jumping into a transition, then slowly easing out of it.

This video tour shows Attack and Release in action:


Drop Shadow

But Attack and Release is by no means all that’s new in Transitions 3 Ultimate. Added to all 3D transitions, the Drop Shadow effect provides a powerful realism and dynamic feel to your scene-to-scene cuts. Use new features like key frame parameters such as Offset, Angle, Shadow Blur and Opacity to customize your desired look.

Here’s a peek at Drop Shadow:


Smoother, Cleaner, Better

We’ve also improved the aesthetics of numerous transitions including Liquify, Metallic, Color Wash and Shiny Fog. By expanding the scope of plugins and providing greater contrast, we’ve delivered a smoother, cleaner, and clearer result.

Take a look at a quick video tour of this feature:


Stretch and Fill for RGB Shift

Finally, we’ve added new mirror stretch and fill modes to our RGB Shift transition. These modes are ideal for eliminating black outlines that show through and beneath the RGB effect. Our new fill mode duplicates the edge of the frame while the stretch mode, stretches the frame to the edge of your image.

No doubt, you’ll find the improvements to Transitions 3 Ultimate a very worthwhile investment in your editing toolbox; no matter what your NLE. See for yourself and take advantage of all these new features today.


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