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Get That Classic Home Movie Look with Viewfinder

Elements-Ultimate-Header with Viewfinder Overlay (Home Movie Look)

Using the Viewfinder plugin from NewBlue Elements 3 Ultimate, you can create that classic home movie look in seconds.

Create the Home Movie Look in 6 Simple Steps

Step One:

Add Viewfinder to your preset.

Step 1: NewBlueFX View Finder Tutorial

Step Two:

Select the 2000s preset because it gives off that classy home movie look.

Step 2: NewBlueFX View Finder Tutorial


Step Three:

Turn off focus box – too distracting but can keep if you want the full home movie effect.

Step 3: NewBlue Video Finder Tutorial


Step Four:

Turn off the outline. (The video is dark enough to where you don’t need this.)

Step 4: NewBlueFX View Finder Tutorial


Step Five:

Change the time duration. If this parade has lasted all day, I can adjust the hour, minute, and seconds under the counter section.

Step 5: NewBlueFX View Finder Tutorial


Step Six:

Add an orange tint and increase the value to 28 to give off the street light look.

There you have it: A classic home movie look using the Viewfinder plugin from NewBlue Elements 3 Ultimate.

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