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Titler Pro Tutorial | Create Design Templates

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  In this tutorial, learn how to create design templates inside Titler Pro 7 for easy sharing across multiple projects and machines. Titler Pro 7 is an industry-standard titling software tool for video editors. Deliver exceptional production value with stunning 3D animated titles and motion graphics, without sacrificing productivity. Titler Pro 7 is integrated with

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Titler Pro | Titler Live Tutorial: Adding Effects to Objects

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  Learn how to fine-tune your title designs with special effects that allow you to create customized graphics, animations and more. Title Designer’s library of built-in graphics tools range from simple filters, to animations and complex compositing tools. This tutorial applies to Titler Pro as well as Titler Live. Learn more about NewBlue’s titling solutions

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Titler Pro Tutorial | Alien Movie Title

Featured: Titling

Alien is one of those classic franchises that helped launch the ever iconic Sci-Fi film Horror genre. In this tutorial, Juan shows you how to make a title inspired by the upcoming Alien movie “Alien Covenant” inside Titler Pro 5.

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