Titler Live 5.3 free update and BitFocus Companion integration released.

Today we released a free update to Titler Live 5available free for Titler Live 5 customers. This v5.3 update introduces brand new integration with the Bitfocus Companion software and more than 50 bug fixes and UX improvements; all inspired by user feedback.

The new update includes:

  • Bitfocus Companion integration for Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and Titler Live built-in spreadsheet data controllers.
    Build buttons from built-in presets to control spreadsheet data with actions such as select next, select previous, select row, and many more. Or, choose to build your own action stacks that perform multiple actions at the push of a button.
  • Bitfocus Companion integration for  Layer navigation and playback operations.
    Build buttons from navigation and layer playback presets to navigate and playout spreadsheet layers from outside your Titler Live project.
  • Operate remotely through Bitfocus Companion.
    Now that Titler Live integrates with Bitfocus Companion, users can take advantage of their button emulators to operate Titler Live 5 remotely from a webpage, and mobile device, or from a Streamdeck.
  • Experience NewBlue’s commitment to your success including more than 50 bug fixes and UX improvements.
    NewBlue is dedicated in sustaining a usable and stable environment for its users. Any feedback or issues reported to our support department are examined to later improve our software in way that matters to our users.

Thank you to all the users who assisted us in testing and provided feedback during the Bitfocus Companion Beta program. Your input was invaluable and helped us develop a solution that solves real-world problems for our customers.

We’re happy to say that our beta users had success stories of their own when using our Bitfocus Companion integration in its early state.

Dominick Fitzegerald from Vidionix states:

“This integration allows us to continue our approach of having Companion at the heart of control room. This addition takes an already excellent graphics program and streamlines the control functionality. We couldn’t be more excited for NewBlue and are proud to have them as a partner.”

We will continue to listen to your feedback and evolve our integration with Bitfocus Companion. Expect to see future updates with functionality that supports other data controllers like Sports!

This free Titler Live v5.3 update can be downloaded here.
The free Bitfocus Companion Titler Live plugin can be found here.


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