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Powerful Time Saving Tools for Everyday Editing

Camera Equipement on a table

Wishing you had a set of tools that quickly fixed your most common editing challenges? Well, the search is over. Essentials 3 Ultimate delivers the quick fixes you need for everyday issues like distracting camera flashes, video stabilization, lens distortion and much more. With 275 presets in 24 workflow-optimizing plugins, see why this time-saving tool is trusted by thousands of editors.

Let’s take a look at some of the top plugins in this powerful bundle…

7 Tools to Enhance Your Videos in Less Time


The Stabilizer plugin is time-saving when it smooths jittery camera movement with advanced analysis and motion stabilization to help clean handheld or action camera footage.

Simply apply one of the many presets to get a jumpstart on stabilizing your image. You can focus on an image’s center to keep a flying object steady or focus on the edges to allow more breathing room for your subject.

Check it out:

Skin Touch-Up

Keep your actors looking great by softening wrinkles and removing blemishes with Skin Touch Up. Create a skin tone mask that follows your subject while maintaining details in eyes, teeth, and hair.

See for yourself:

Color Fixer Pro

If you’re looking for quick and effective color correction, Color Fixer Pro delivers. Effortlessly correct white balancing issues that stem from shooting in suboptimal lighting conditions. Crush the film gamma to bring back some of those hard-hitting blacks or desaturate your image. It’s color correction simplified.

Take a look:

Gamma Corrector

Gamma Corrector is an essential tool that helps you visualize your adjustments with three built-in scopes that keep track of expansion or compression adjustments. Start with one of many presets and modify them to reach your desired result.


Flash Remover Pro

Reduce or completely eliminate camera flash from your live event video. Use an array of professionally created presets to get started and adjust sensitivity thresholds to fix your most problematic frames. Remove most flashes for clean and sharp video or keep a few for ambiance’s sake. The choice is yours.

Check it out:

Aspect Ratio

Working with a footage that requires a particular ratio? Aspect Ratio easily conforms your source footage into common cinematic standards like Panavision and Anamorphic. Control letter and pillar box with, height, opacity and more. Choose from a collection of presets to get a quick start and then customize for your desired result.

Here’s an example:

Video Tuneup Plus

Make your source footage pop with a boost of color to quickly restore dull video with Video Tuneup Plus. Refine and color in seconds or turn on the built-in scopes to monitor your results right in your preview window.

Scope it out:

These are just some of the plugins you will find in this collection. So when you’re looking for ways to save time and simplify your workflow, look to Essentials 3 Ultimate.


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