Stylizers 5 is Finally Here

stylizers 5

We’re excited to announce the new Stylizers 5 series. From impressionist styles to energetic blurs and flickers, the new Stylizers makes it easier than ever to give your production a creative look. Now including 12 re-introduced stylistic video effects, each featuring over 10 preset looks.

Stylizers 5 offers 35 video effects with over 400 presets that instantly transform your footage with energetic motion, vibrant light and stunning art. Add suspense to your footage with Stylizers Illuminate, create a sense of energy with Stylizers Excite, or transform your footage into a pastel painting with Stylizers Imagine.


100’s of Preset Looks

Get a quick start with one of the over 400 built-in and customizable preset looks. Simply choose a style you like and watch your image transform in an instant.


The Freedom to Customize

The intuitive and native controls make it easy to customize any effect to fit your needs.


Stylizers 5 Excite

Inject energy and motion to your story with 12 powerful stylizing tools.



Stylizers 5 Imagine

Transform your footage into a moving piece of art with 11 eye-popping stylizing tools.


Stylizers 5 Illuminate

Add suspense and excitement to your footage with 11 unique stylizing tools.


Cartoonr Plus

Instantly give your footage a comic-book look with sharp edges and surreal color palettes.


Shop the new Stylizers 5 Ultimate collection, also available as part of TotalFX – our comprehensive collection of over 1,500 presets in more than 175 powerful post-production plugins.


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