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Sri Lanka’s Bandaranayake College Media Unit upgrades to Titler Live.

Producer Janindu Rajapaksha details upgrading to broadcast-quality graphics.

With a media program 10 years old, Bandaranayake College Media Unit produces sports, live broadcasts, and school celebrations for a wide range of audiences in Sri Lanka.

Bandaranayake College’s live productions range from large anniversary celebrations to smaller events broadcast for students.

“We’ve been doing live broadcasts for years using a system with a built-in titler. We needed to upgrade to a broadcast-level graphics solution. We needed software that our students can understand whilst bringing professional quality to our live broadcasts. Those needs lead us to NewBlue Titler Live,” describes Producer Janindu Rajapaksha.


“Titler Live’s compatibility and reliability stands out among other solutions. It’s easy to integrate live data into the graphics. Fluid animations and the powerful designer make Titler Live the best solution for upgrading our broadcasts.” – Producer Janindu Rajapaksha


With a track record of producing successful, widely-watched live broadcasts, recent high costs have prohibited frequent productions at Bandaranayake College.

Everything from pre- to post-production is done by broadcast students under the age of 18. Titler Live has an easy learning curve which makes it ideal for younger users at Bandaranayake.

“Titler Live is powerful graphics software with an easy to understand interface and easy usability. Our events vary from studio broadcasts to sports events and other live events, and Titler Live’s vast variety of templates and fluid animations help our users to choose the perfect combination of graphics and animations for the events.”

Titler Live enables Bandaranayake College to create professional-level sports broadcasts and more creative productions. Rajapaksha explains, “As a school media unit, we always aim to improve our broadcast quality to the most current standards. Our previous graphics and animations were not the quality we needed. Now, with Titler Live’s capabilities and ease of use, we are eager to deliver professional-level live broadcasts.”


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