SELECTIVE TINT: Ansel Adams-Inspired Post Magic



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Selective Tint: Ansel Adams-Inspired Post Magic

  • Creative, Gradient Filtering Enhances So-So Wide Shots and Injects Dramatic Moods In Other Lackluster Footage
  • Adjustable Shape Mask Allows Customization



Lackluster camerawork and weather problems has taken the life out of your b-roll in an otherwise lively production. These are the shots that set the whole mood. You need to amp it up and create a feeling.


Selective Tint brings the beauty of optical grad filters into the edit suite that can instantly breathe life and emotion into what were previously plain images.

They can also let you use marginally bad footage and give it new life.

Several blend modes, augmented by movable masks let you customize where your gradients will happen and how they’ll affect the picture.  A test mask lets you clearly define your areas and boundaries.

Presets get you started quickly. You select inner and outer tints, and if you get lost where your crops are, a test mask can be toggle to tell you where they are.

An array of subtleties in moments.



Selctive Tint is part of our Filters 5 Recolor and Fitler 5 Ultimate collections.


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