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Remove Blemishes with Skin Touch Up

Using the Skin Touch Up plugin from NewBlue Essentials 3 Ultimate, you can soften wrinkles and remove blemishes without retouching the entire image. Here’s how.

3 Steps to Touch Up Skin

Step One:

Add Skin Touch Up to your clip to remove some of the subject’s blemishes.

Step 1: Skin Touch Up Tutorial


Step Two:

Under Skin Touch Up, select a color shading, then the eye dropper to smooth part of her face.

Step 2: Skin Touch Up Tutorial


Step Three:

Under Options, adjust the Sensitivity to polish her face further.

Step 3: All Blemishes Removed with NewBlueFX Skin Touch Up

There you have it: A girl made blemish free using the Skin Touch Up plugin from NewBlue Essentials 3 Ultimate.

Discover Skin Touch Up and much more in NewBlue Essentials 3 Ultimate.

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